Secure and Protect

Secure and Protect 1[credit]

Operation: Double
Influence: ●●●○○

As an additional cost to play this operation, spend click.

Search R&D for a piece of ice and reveal it. (Shuffle R&D after searching it.) Install that ice protecting a central server, paying 3credit less.

Secure Servers. Contain Infections. Protect Data.
-The SecTech Mantra
Illustrated by Krembler
Decklists with this card

Downfall (df)

#61 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Once again Weyland prove themselves to be comically evil. Poor Darwin! Let our boy free!

Secure and Protect is similar to Priority Construction. Both are double operations that allow you to install ice at a substantially reduced cost. Pri Con is a pretty reasonable card, but it doesn't see that much play. Is Secure and Protect better?

Well, Secure and Protect can only install ice protecting your centrals, meaning you can't get a discount on building your deep glacier remote like you could with Pri Con. On top of that, you don't get any advancement counters on your ice, meaning you don't get to turn on the nasty Hortum or Mausolus subroutines. Looking bad for Secure and Protect.

The fact that Secure and Protect tutors for the discounted ice is both a blessing and a curse. On the upside, you can find the perfect piece of ice to match your opponent's breakers - or lack thereof if you're rigshooting. Weyland happens to have the exceptionally taxing and cheap Meru Mati and Afshar in-faction, so good news if you want to secure HQ! Downside is you reveal the ice, so you won't surprise the runner.

On the whole, this card is not particularly exciting for any existing Weyland archetypes. Perhaps Blue Sun will want to save influence on buying in multiple Chiyashi and will use this to tutor for an Oversight AI target? Or maybe the yet to be revealed Weyland ID due in Uprising - presumably SecTech - will reward you for defending your centrals?

(Downfall era)
I do like the Blue Sun mention. The fact that you Oversight AI it immediately removes the downside of the reveal from S&P. —

Yeah, the reveal is pretty bad otherwise... especially if you are fishing out your one-of hardcounter ICE, like anti-AI or anti-virus

Just look at the flavor. "Containing infections" in the server doesnt make sense. Secure. Contain. Protect. does.