CSR Campaign

CSR Campaign 2[credit]

Asset: Advertisement
Trash: 2
Influence: ○○○○○

When your turn begins, you may draw 1 card.

"By matching funds on your donations, the Space Elevator Authority has already planted over eight million trees on the Pacific coast. Together we can restore New Angeles to its former glory."
-Elizabeth Mills
Illustrated by Elizaveta Sokolova
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Downfall (df)

#64 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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CSR Campaign is the first known Advertisement that doesn’t directly print money for the Corp. Instead, it can be compared to Illegal Arms Factory in that it helps speed up rush decks (such as green Supermodernism decks). Unlike IAF though, CSR has a few distinct differences:

• It’s free of bad publicity and cheaper to rez but a trash cost that is 4 lower than IAF.

• It has a “may” clause allowing you to choose and pick when you want to trigger it.

• It’s an advertisement (Spark / Ad Blitz come to mind first)

• Zero influence!

What’s the one thing holding CSR back? That measly trash cost of 2. If you’re playing this, you need to find a way to keep it around long enough for it to make a difference – either using your ID ability (IG / CtM), some support cards (Hostile Infrastructure), or by placing it in your scoring remote.

Clickless draw can be very beneficial for Corps that can take full advantage of it and downright frightening for those who cannot. If you plan to play this, make the most of it using high-powered operations, Jinja City Grid, or other draw filters.

(System Core 2019 era)
I'd place this in my Jinja scoring remote in 6 card Azmari. The deck is strong but requires tempo. Drawing into agendas with clicks is bad, since you want to iaa. This is perfect for thar. —
One thing I missed is that DBS will not work with CSR unless you somehow forego your mandatory draw. Will edit my review accordingly. —
So, technically speaking this does work with Daily Business Show (because start-of-turn triggers are before mandatory draw), but the effect is pretty much the same? You'll still just DBS on the first draw. —