Wall to Wall

♦ Wall to Wall 1[credit]

Asset: Advertisement
Trash: 3
Influence: 3

When your turn begins, if you have any other rezzed assets, resolve 1 of the following; otherwise, resolve up to 3 in any order:

  • Draw 1 card.
  • Gain 1[credit].
  • Place 1 advancement counter on an installed piece of ice.
  • Add this asset to HQ.

Illustrated by Zoe Cohen
Decklists with this card

Uprising (ur)

#122 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2020-04-23

    NISEI Uprising Release Notes [NISEI Rules Team]

    If the Corp is able to resolve 3 choices on Wall to Wall, do they have to choose all 3 before resolving them? Do they have to resolve them in the order they appear on the card?

    No and no. The Corp chooses the next instruction to resolve after the previous one is finished resolving. They do not have to choose instructions that are written after those they have already chosen.

    Can the Corp resolve the same instruction on Wall to Wall more than once on the same turn?

    No. Once one of the instructions has resolved, it cannot be chosen again during this instance of resolving the ability.

    If the Corp adds Wall to Wall to HQ with choices remaining, can they continue to resolve its other instructions?

    Yes. Wall to Wall's entire ability is already resolving, so it is independent of its source card and no longer requires that card to remain active.


So, this asset is great in One Server To Rule Them All, obviously, but really it's great in any glacier/fast advance hybrid deck. FedEx Mars means the drip of ICE advancement this gives you is actually building up to Taking Over The World. If you're Built to Last, this card can provide a turn-start drip worth 6 clicks of tempo.

And when you want to put down an agenda to fast-advance, a special field worker, or anything else you might need in the space, you don't have to trash it. It can bounce itself to HQ. Then when you put it back, all that ICE you just sucked the tokens off of is fodder to get the maximum tempo from these wall-to-wall ads as a long-term investment again.

Are there any other cards that provide 4 clicks of tempo every turn by themselves? Chicago Construction Season refunds 2 tempo for every 2 tempo invested after installing it, at a net tempo cost of 1 when you get it to scoring. This is slightly better than a wash since the way credits and advancement work, you come out ahead in credits on that deal, with the agenda fueling itself so that it only takes 1 credit in the pool to start advancing it, and effectively gaining instead of losing a credit on each click. This agenda is rightly considered an incredible tempo advantage. But it's straightforward - you don't get a spread of tempo across all the things you need to do with your time. Sure, advancing agendas towards scoring and getting credits are both important, but you can't use that time for anything else, and it DOES cost you clicks.

Once installed, Wall to Wall does not cost clicks. It drips you 4 tempo every turn. If you only get one turn out of it, it's at least as good as Hedge Fund. If you get 2 turns out of it, it's better than the most popular neutral econ card of the moment. It puts mister ICE pre-advancer and the home of free advancement drip to shame. The only things that come close to this level of swing from a single card are the WTO, which although less efficient at 5 clicks and 1 credit to create a swing of 6 clicks (3 lost by the runner, 3 gained by the corp the turn it pays off in the end), does enable single turn scoring of a 5/3 agenda all by itself - which is only matched by Punitive Fast-Advance - and that lacks the click-screw effect on the runner, so I don't think it ranks as high for tempo (though it's as impactful for swing as our Martian truckers, which is notable enough). Another card that comes close to this level of efficiency is Ka-me-HA-ME-HAAAAA!, which gives credits while you charge it up and can actually win the game by itself if you get to charge your attack for 5 whole minutes.

It's in the faction which loves to glacier very deep and to post very effective keep-out signs. No seriously, keep the fuck out. So I say: glacier deep and tall. Hire Couriers and Robots. Eat hot chip and lie.

(System Update 2021 era)

Not letting me edit, but it's been brought to my attention that "add 1 advancement token" and "advance" are distinct rules terms and although this baffles me, it entirely breaks synergy between this card and Weyland Consortium: Built to Last.

Breaking the synergy between these particular cards is probably a good thing.

Ultimately, yes, I just dislike the way it was done.

Amusingly, this card is purely better than CSR Campaign even if it isn't your only rezzed asset. Those are some pretty bonkers numbers.

It has one disadvantage compared to CSR Campaign – it's unique. The sort of deck that plays CSR Campaign normally wants to spam them, which you can't do with Wall to Wall.

I'm not sure if there are other cards that are basically a must-include in a particular Corp deck, but Wall to Wall is built for Earth Station. Note that it only activates three abilities if you only have one asset rezzed. Earth Station, no matter the side, only allows for one remote server. In fact, aside from Rashida, this was the only Asset I had in my "not-quite-GNK" Earth Station deck at my LGS.

So why is this built specifically for Earth Station? As I said, this only kicks in if there's no other rezzed Asset. Apart from Rashida, this was part of my Earth Station glacier (which was devastated by an Alice running Apocalypse round 1). That's beside the point. If there's only one server, you can fire off three abilities, so it's perfect for Earth Station. You can get a credit, draw a card, advance that Colossus so the poor Runner has to trash their Progenitor hosting Aumakua when they face-check it at 4 strength. Or, if you have an agenda you want to slap down, simply bounce it back with the fourth ability. This is a powerful Asset that becomes weaker in Asset Spam decks, but in single server decks, it is a terrifying thing to go against. Why? It gives you three clicks worth of things to do before you even do your mandatory draw. This is precisely why I feel it was made specifically for Earth Station: it benefits most from the limit of one remote server. Wall to Wall is unique, so you can't spam it; you're stuck with the one. Otherwise, it would be far too powerful.

Unless you're playing a single-server deck, find a better drip econ card, like PAD Campaign or Rashida. If you want advancements, play Tennin or run Cayambe Grid. This fits best in one-remote glacier decks, especially with its bounce ability allowing you to return it before you draw and then slapping down something else.

(Uprising era)

The thing is, discounting the influence outside of Weyland, this card just a completely superior version of CSR Campaign and an often better PAD Campaign in the same card when it fires ONE of the abilities. It's pretty good even if it's not your only asset.