Nisei MK II

Nisei MK II 4/2

Agenda: Initiative

When you score this agenda, place 1 agenda counter on it.

Hosted agenda counter: End the run.

We could stop disasters before they happen, murderers before they act. Surely that’s worth an android’s sanity?
Illustrated by Dimik
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System Update 2021 (su21)

#52 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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  • very potent ability once scored
  • the timing of paid abilities allows you to use the ability after the runner has broken all pieces of Ice on a server
  • interrupts cards like The Maker's Eye or Account Siphon


  • as a 4/2, you are unlikely to fast-advance this, or score it from un-advanced, so it can be tricky to keep safe while scoring


  • really strong card
  • as a runner it is sometimes better to bite the bullet and "waste" a Makers Eye before Jinteki can use Nisei on a Stimhack for some free brain damage
  • the opposite is also true with Nisei it is important to be patient an wait for the "right" moment, sometimes the threat is stronger than the execution
  • Nisei allows some very interesting bluffing situations, like not using her on a run into an agenda server. Only do that if the runner is even aware of your counter though. Not rezzing some Ice might raise extra eyebrows. Style points for pulling that off.
  • The opposite is also possible. Install a card into a moderately defended server which the runner can access once and advance it twice. Watch him run it once and use Nisei only to have him Stimhack into the server again, self-destructing on your Junebug with his own brain damage. Double style points!

Use as 1st agenda

  • this agenda is brilliant as a first agenda, since you are vulnerable to Makers Eye or Account Siphon early. Once it costs the runner 10+ credits to get into HQ, you don't need to fear Account Siphon anymore
  • this also poses a serious threat to the runner, because you can now start to build up slowly, while he needs two big runs to make one count

Use as 2nd agenda

  • when scored as the 2nd agenda, you should probably win from here. In order to score a 2nd agenda you probably have a reasonably deep server that should be able to protect any agenda for one turn at an opportune moment.

Use as 3rd agenda

  • Not very good as a final agenda, although scoring 2 points for 4 advancement tokens is doable
(Up and Over era)

The card art is a reference to Minority Report, a Steven Spielburg movie about precogs who can predict crimes before they happen. Three precogs sit in a vat in the same arrangement as the card art during the film.

(Parhelion era)