Rigging Up

Rigging Up 0[credit]

Event: Mod
Influence: 3

Install 1 program or piece of hardware from your grip, paying 3[credit] less. You may charge that card if able. (If it has a power counter on it, add another.)

Edie doesn't mind the noise. She's happy just being nearby.
Illustrated by Benjamin Giletti
Decklists with this card

Midnight Sun (ms)

#24 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
Midnight Sun
  • Updated 2022-09-10

    Can the Runner use Rigging Up to put an extra counter on Hyperbaric?

    Yes. Hyperbaric’s “when you install” ability resolves in between the instruction from Rigging Up that installs it and the instruction that gives the option to charge it. By the time the latter instruction resolves, Hyperbaric has a hosted power counter and is legal to charge.

  • Updated 2022-09-10

    Why does Rigging Up say “if able”?

    This text is included to clarify that the “you may charge that card” effect is still subject to the requirement that a card can only be charged if it has a hosted power counter.

  • Updated 2022-09-10

    Can a player charge cards that have 2 or more power counters?

    Yes, a card that has 2 power counters qualifies as having at least 1 power counter.


Oh look, it's an upgraded version of Modded!

Except, Modded wasn't seeing a huge amount of play (presumably why they upgraded it), and the upgrade is ... questionable? To be a good target for Rigging Up, you need something that costs 3 or more, and that can make use of power counters, and starts with a power counter. (Because "charge" only works with things that already have counters on them.) That list is surprisingly small.

Most of the programs that use power counters are already cheap, and many of them don't start with power counters. Here is the list of programs that have power counters, but of those, only Atman and Hyperbaric (a new reprint of Study Guide) actually start with tokens and can be charged.

The list of hardware is even shorter. Mind's Eye would work, but again, it doesn't actually start with counters. Which basically just leaves the boat, which is probably one of the main intended use-cases. Clocking in at an eye-watering 8, and with some of the most valuable power counters I've ever seen, I feel like Rigging Up is basically intended for getting the boat on the board and getting her ready to roll.

Which is great, but... Endurance is a console. Once you it's out, what are you going to use the rest of your Rigging Ups on?

I may be proven wrong on this, but at the moment, I feel like it's hard to justify this, even in a boat deck. There just aren't enough programs or hardware that I want to Rigging Up!

Edit Thanks to Toper for pointing out that the Rigging Up list is even smaller than I thought!

(Midnight Sun era)

It's even fewer targets than that: charge only works if the card has a power counter already, which in your list is just boat and Atman.

Another one was just released though: Hyperbaric, a Study Guide upgrade.

Oh dang, you are exactly right - I keep forgetting that Charge only works for things that already have some tokens. I will update the comment. Thanks for the catch!