Shipment from Vladisibirsk

Shipment from Vladisibirsk 1[credit]

Operation: Gray Ops
Influence: 3

Play only if the Runner has at least 2 tags.

Place a total of 4 advancement counters on installed cards you can advance.

"Donʼt look at the crates."
Illustrated by Ferenc Patkós
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Parhelion (ph)

#119 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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This is basically the replacement for Psychographics, and it is cheaper to use. Of course, making the runner have 2 tags, when BOOM! is still possible, is not likely. But it is a good in faction tag punishment, making you win faster. With this, you can score any agendas out of hand, if the runner has 2 tags. Pretty good!

Sticking 2 tags is the difficult part. Usually, you'll want to use Hard-Hitting News. But, you could also have one copy of this card in case the runner goes "tag-me". Then you can use it to fast advance a 5-3 agenda or any other agenda.

At 3 influences, it could be used in other factions as an alternate win condition. Weyland is the faction that is the most likely to use this, but why do that if you can have BOOM!? Because this does not have a trash cost.

The art is fantastic and the quote really deliver what is happening. Great card!

(Parhelion era)

Anyone else think the fella with the pad looks like Elvis Costello?