Hostile Architecture

♦ Hostile Architecture 5[credit]

Asset: Hostile
Trash: 4
Influence: ●●●○○

The first time each turn the Runner trashes any of your installed cards (including this asset), do 2 meat damage.

When implemented at this sort of scale, these practices can keep away far more than a few unwanted citizens.
Illustrated by Dimik
Decklists with this card

Parhelion (ph)

#122 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Not very good. At a glance, it vaguely looks like Hostile Infrastructure, a card which could convert large amounts of money into nearly impenetrable prisons. This isn't that. It's a minor tempo hit. Assuming Hostile Architecture triggers only once, you're spending $5 to do 2 meat damage and up to $4 of their money. Draining $4 of their money is an effect worthy of a $0-cost card. If your deck gets enough value out of 2 meat damage and a semi-forced run to spend another $5 on this, you will love Architecture.

Unlike its predecessor, Architecture only fires once a turn, only protects installed cards, can't stack with multiple copies, and is ~useless* against Apocalypse (which wrecks most of the decks which would want to use Hostile Architecture), and does not protect the cards inside R+D/HQ. Also, while a $4 trash cost might have been draining for runners back when Hostile Infrastructure was available, Miss Bones and friends have since weakened trash costs as a tempo hit. I don't expect a card with this little upside to see much use outside of Weyland, 3 influence feels like a lot for this. In most non-Weyland horizontal decks, I'd pass on this for the same reason I'd pass on the (probably better) Urban Renewal: defending it for several turns usually isn't feasible, and 2-4 meat damage usually isn't enough value in an asset-oriented deck to justify spending a significant chunk of influence on it. If you're just looking for short-term value with more game-winning potential, for $4 a Snare causes an unpredictable 3 net damage and a tag, which is probably better value than you'd get from a Hostile Infrastructure (unless you're somehow keeping it alive several turns but I don't think that's a plausible scenario in most identities).

Additionally, it also has a trash-cost $1 less than Hostile Infrastructure, but I don't think that you'll notice the $1 as much as "I guess Miss Bones kind of wrecks this either way."


*Hostile Architecture vs. Apocalypse: if Architecture fires for 2 meat damage after the Apocalypse hits, you have probably lost the game. (Surviving an Apocalypse probably won't be viable for any corp deck which cares enough about installed cards to play Hostile Architecture). However... if you have a must-trash upgrade like Crisium Grid, maybe you get lucky and Hostile Architecture snipes Apocalypse with 2 meat damage BEFORE the Apocalypse hits.

(Parhelion era)

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This revive an older card, Hostile Infrastructure. The big difference is that it cost 1 less to trash (but 4 is still a lot), trigger only once a turn (instead of whenever) and do one more damage.

It is.a good card for asset spam decks. It actually synergize well with decks looking to do additional damage to kill the runner. At minimum, it will slow the runner by making them lose 2 cards and 4. But 5 is a lot to spend to do 2 meat damages. Usually, you will be able to trigger that damage twice. The first time to "protect" an asset that is about to get trashed, and a second time when the runner will trash this asset.

Hostile Architecture will go well with Jinteki traps and assets decks. At 3 influences, it is worthwhile and not too expensive, if you can ensure paying the cost. A good grinder card.

I enjoyed the art quite a bit, showing the idea that dark and hostile buildings, with enhanced security, becomes a great deterrent, as the quote indicate. Good design!

(Parhelion era)