Kimberlite Field

Kimberlite Field 4/2

Agenda: Expansion

When you score this agenda, you may trash 1 of your rezzed cards. If you do, trash 1 installed Runner card with a printed install cost equal to or less than the printed rez cost of the Corp card you trashed.

"Weylandʼs synthetic diamonds cost less than naturals... so what are they really digging for here?"
—Captain Padma Isbister
Illustrated by Vitalii Ostaschenko
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Parhelion (ph)

#121 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Now, Weyland has three rig shooting agenda. Kimberlite Field is the most versatile because it can trash anything. SDS Drone Deployment protect itself and trashes a program while Above the Law trashes a ressource.

Of course, there is a big price to pay. Trashing a REZZED card, for which you paid, will hurt, unless you are Ob Superheavy Logistics: Extract. Export. Excel.. Which is why I doubt this agenda will see play outside that identity.

Some thing will be hard to trash. Like Endurance or Security Nexus. At a cost of 8, there is not many card (only ices in fact) that have such a rez cost. So usually, you will trash programs or hardwares. Good targets are Begemot, Hyperbaric, Bukhgalter, Marrow, Prognostic Q-Loop and Keiko, for example.

All in all, this agenda will help enforce a seldom played archetype : rig shooter, but will be useful for only one identity (Ob Superheavy Logistics: Extract. Export. Excel.).

The art does a good job of representing the name of the card while giving some lore about ecological damage which, along with the quote, gives a very Weyland feel to this agenda (of course). Well done!

(Parhelion era)