Nuvem SA: Law of the Land

Nuvem SA: Law of the Land

Identity: Corp
Deck size: 50 • Influence: 15

Whenever you finish resolving an operation or an action on an expendable card, look at the top card of R&D. You may trash that card.

The first time you trash a card from R&D during each of your turns, gain 2[credit].

Our fist shall hold the world.
Illustrated by Kira L. Nguyen
Decklists with this card

Rebellion Without Rehearsal (rwr)

#121 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Nuvem is the new Weyland ID I've been having a lot of fun with! With the ability to look at the top card of your deck every time you play an operation or an expendable card, you get a lot of knowledge of what's coming. You can avoid dead draws by trashing them before they even get in your hand, and you even get 2 creds the first time you do it each turn. Since this works with econ operations, Hedge Fund and Government Subsidy can come with a nice little surprise of two extra creds. The increased deck size does kind of negate this ability somewhat, as your deck can be less efficient, even with you sorting through it. Subliminal Messaging pairs well with it as you can first click sublimiinal to see your top draw without losing a click, letting you decide whether you want to keep it and draw, toss it, or any other plan. Obviously anything that trashes your own cards will work well with recursion like Spin Doctor, as sometimes you'll want them back, and being able to draw up between operations is useful as having a card you want on top but you don't want to click to draw between operations can mean you lose out on a lot of reveals from your ability. The Basalt Spire is a nice agenda for this ID, making sense coming out with it. Anything that lets you recur leaves you the ability to safely toss an agenda you don't want right now to then shuffle in if the runner tries to hit archives, and Basalt's extra cost of trashing the top card of RnD means you can get the 2 cred bonus on the runner's turn.

Honestly I have a lot of fun with the expendables, so I like this ID. I don't think it's necessarily a powerhouse, but the ability is interesting enough and decent enough I think you can make a solid deck with it.

(Rebellion Without Rehearsal era)

Note that Nuvem only triggers on the Corp's turn, so not off instant-speed (or subroutine-based) self-mill.