Paycheck Omar (SC Winner, 1st in Swiss)

greyfield 3908


This deck is functionally almost the same as the one much of Colorado took to Worlds, performing pitifully. I felt obligated to defend my creation.

Maw has been getting a lot of guff lately, but for what it does I think it's excellent. The problem is just that runner economy is in the bin right now. The solution to that is Magnum Opus, which this deck does everything in its power to get out turn 1. And there's very little (other than Tapwrm) a runner can do turn after turn that feels better than pounding Opus and triggering Maw. Hence the original name: Take Six Maw You.

In a certain sense, then, the deck often feels closer in style to Shaper than Anarch - you exert implicit pressure with your bonkers economy while your pokes dismantle them. (Bhagat is a big help in that way - many games end with you fishing a pile of agendas out of Archives, Noise-style.)

I'm a strong proponent for Omar in the deck, which was one of the critical points of contention for the team in the lead-up to Worlds. When you're on the "run only once per turn" plan, Omar's stock goes way up, as he makes all three centrals equally critical, from early on in the game. The more ice they need to Rez, the slower they move to stack up impregnable servers and the more pokes you get with Maw etc. Since your goal is to force the corp into the late game where you're favored with Opus, delaying them by forcing big ice blocks on all three centrals is excellent.

At Worlds many of us played Aumakua as our AI, but I've soured on it since - your clicks are so much more valuable with Opus that loading up Aumakua quickly can hurt your tempo severely, not to mention that if you don't also play Femme, Aumakua can get locked out by Loki-Excalibur-MoGo. Atman gives you the flexibility to keep punching through. It also addresses certain ice strengths where MKUltra and Black Orchestra falter.

At the SC, it went 3-1 in the Swiss, beating PU, CTM, and Asa Group and losing to a Titan that rushed behind a MoGo when I couldn't find Atman. In the split, it beat CTM twice. (In the finals I didn't get an Opus until something like turn 10 and got HHNed twice and still won handily. This deck is heavily favored vs CTM.)

Footage from the tournament: (I'm easily identifiable from my watch and leather jacket, and also being the only Omar and Biotech)

4 Feb 2018 kusoash

Dude congrats! I watched you play Omar in top 4 on stream and loved the deck immediately. Crazy how fast and efficient the deck is especially against the likes of CtM. Is there anything you'd change post-SC?

4 Feb 2018 greyfield

I probably wouldn't - but for Mercs versus the third Stimhack this is the list I've been playing for three SCs now. I would say that the Atman could be cut or swapped to Aumakua if you aren't afraid of MoGo/want some influence back, and some tech cards (Hunting Grounds, Salsettle Slums, Mercs, Atman, and Feedback Filter) can be added or subtracted to prepare for a particular meta. If there's very little Skorpios you could risk cutting one of each Conspiracy. Ice Carver is good but usually gets cut for slots. Beyond the core, you can easily customize.

5 Feb 2018 ericbtool

I'm curious about Hunting Grounds application and choosing that over Peace's Thanks for the list.

11 Feb 2018 jase2224

I'm not sure if Peace in Our Time would go into a deck with Magnum Opus, because you can just print money. This deck was teched for CI/NBN, especially CTM as we had planned on encountering that at World so Hunting Grounds has amazing value against their "on encounter" effects of ICE. Turns out to have been a great meta call for Ryan the day he ran this as 4 CTMs showed up and that was what he had to defeat in the cut. Prior to Worlds we found Hunting Grounds to be a very flexible slot and can save a lot of money especially with the plan of gain 6, run, and Maw.

15 Feb 2018 Fl3xbyts

As a newer player, Frantic Coding seems scary, especially with Weyland and Jinteki damage being common. Can you share your experience of using Frantic Coding. And how do you use it? Do you use it to fetch Magnum Opus first...?

17 Feb 2018 nekader

Took this list -1 Hunting Grounds +1 Aumakua and it did great work. Thanks for the original list.