Takeover the Skies

mentalsmanager 20

I've been playing Titan Transnational: Investing In Your Future ToL Fast Advance since Titan released, years ago. Obviously, it's better now than it was then!

I've kept my Weyland FA in Titan primarily for the extra influence. This deck runs 9 total FA cards - including 2x Biotic Labor and 3x Trick of Light, which totals 17 influence - an impossible number outside of Titan. With Titan's Atlas Train combo, I think it's a pretty solid plan.

I've scored Government Takeover out of hand about 20% of the time with this deck, winning with it about half those times. Biotic Labor really pulls its own weight, scoring Project Atlas out of hand AND enabling Red Planet Couriers. Between the reduced agenda density and the legitimate possibility of scoring GT out of hand, I find its inclusion in the deck is justified, if risky, as GT always is.

This deck has a 75%-ish win rate outside of tournaments (even playing against the same opponents as tournaments >.<). Generally it's quite reliable. It won only one of its four games at the Store Championship I attended this last Sunday... but I drew GT within the first five turns all three of the games I lost, and had at least one High-Risk Investment by turn two every game...