Red Planet Couriers

Red Planet Couriers 5[credit]

Operation: Triple
Influence: 4

As an additional cost to play this operation, spend [click], [click].

Move all advancement tokens from all installed cards to 1 card that can be advanced.

Illustrated by Matt Zeilinger
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Earth's Scion (eas)

#59 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
Earth's Scion

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This card. This card. The Government Takeover scoring shenanigan you have always wanted. Weyland Consortium: Builder of Nations and Weyland Consortium: Because We Built It just got a hell of a lot scarier now that they can turn their gnarlyspace dust into agenda points. Dedication Ceremony becomes a Fast Advance tool. Spam it harder than assets in NEH. Pump those Firewalls while laughing as you slowly accumulate your combo pieces. Being the game's first Triple, it looks a little intimidating, but there are a plethora of ways to cheat its cost. Biotic Labor is the most straightforward method, but is beaten by Clot. The scummiest Method is probably Hasty Relocation into Accelerated Diagnostics into Dedication, Interns, RPC. (or just RPC!) Hell, you don't even need the Gov Takeover in hand if you use Fast Track->Interns-> RPC. All in all, I think this card will highhandedly create a new Weyland tactic.

(Earth's Scion era)
To do the scummy thing you'd need to have Hasty Relocation, Accelerated Diagnostics, Dedication Ceremony, Interns, Red Planet Couriers AND the agenda you want in hand. The probability of that happening is real small. —

It seems Government Takeover is actually becoming a viable agenda with this little trick. Definitely will test out how RPC plays with Dedication Ceremony, Shipment from Kaguya and Builder, among other interesting cards (hey Anson Rose, I'm looking at you).

(Earth's Scion era)
RPC is no panacea for Government Takeover though. Since you spend your entire turn on advancing you need to somehow either find a way to get an extra click to install the GT (e.g. Biotic Labor) or leave it on the board for 1 turn. And the counter heavy play may cause the runner to guess you have your GT in hand and thus run HQ heavily. —
Biotic Labor? Pssh. Jeeves Model Bioroids at your service, sir! (In reality you probably want to go with both, since Jeeves gets to be free due to Alliance if you import some Biotics too) —
@LordRandomness Forgive me if I'm missing something, but what do the butlers do for you here? You can't play RPC before you install the Takeover, and if you install first you've only got two clicks left, so even with Jeeves you can't play a triple. —
Ah dammit, got mixed up with the card order. Never mind, —
this card gonna get on the mwl list, stupid card.... —
Eh, it's not that good really... Basically requires you to leave a big agenda on the board, or spend an inordinate amount of effort and influence to set up a combo. It is badass when you get it to work though. —