startupCarnage (1st @ GLC Startup CO, 5-1)

rgdelato 35

This Sable build is an ersatz version of cableCarnage's sableCarnage build from Worlds, making the necessary tweaks for Startup.

There are a surprising number of flex slots and fitting cards like a third Info Bounty or a Prepaid VoicePAD would make a lot of sense, so feel free to tweak.

Questionable deckbuilding choices:

  • Tunnel Vision: The numbers on this aren't good, but this breaker has been surprisingly useful in practice, especially against rigshooter. If you decide to cut the Tunnel Vision, you should probably re-evaluate the entire breaker suite (particularly Echelon/Unity).
  • Red Team: I feel like people are coming around on this one. I think this card is actually good and I don't regret playing three copies.
  • T400 Memory Diamond: On the other hand, I do regret putting this in the deck. Yes, it allows you to have your entire breaker suite installed along with the two Cezves, and yes, it lets you hold six cards in hand to protect from certain kinds of flatlines, but I was almost never happy to draw this.
  • Debbie "Downtown" Moreira: In theory, this is nice for being able to play your events, host some credits, then turn them into The Twinning charges later on, but I'm not convinced that this wouldn't be better as a Prepaid VoicePAD instead.
  • Docklands Pass: This deck doesn't have a Docklands Pass. That is a genuine mistake, you should put a Docklands Pass in here.