Frantic Sifr - 1st Place, 6-0, Cloud Cap Games Store Champio

Benjen 726

This deck went 6-0 and carried me to a store champ victory at Cloud Cap Games in Portland, OR. I based it on SimonMoon's Frantic Whizzard deck.

It beat NEH FA, Titan FA, 2 Prison RP's, Chronos Protocol Rig Shooter, and a Punitive Blue Sun.

The basic gameplan is to get a Magnum Opus online as son as possible. I think I had one on turn 1 in every game. Use Frantic Coding to get it and if you are lucky, you dump all your breakers into the trash so they are ready to go. If I didn't have an Opus out, I usually could Temüjin Contract for a turn or two.

When you get Şifr out, you have the option of going with a Parasite ice destruction strategy, or just tons of money and get in with your breakers.

Some highlights of my day:

*Losing both Paperclips to Ark Lockdown and playing a secret Femme Fatale on the barrier ice to steal the last Oaktown renovation from Titan.

*Having Opus and Salsette Slums installed by turn 2 against a prison RP deck and winning 3/4 psi games to dismantle them in about 10 minutes in the championship game.

This deck is a lot of fun to play. Frantic coding is hilarious. It is a very Anarch deck as you just make the best with whatever cards you get and if one path to victory is removed, you just make another one.

I never used vamp on the day so I might consider switching it out for a Plascrete Carapace or some Same Old Things.

19 Feb 2017 Pilgrim

I have also been enjoying @simonmoons frantic Whizz. This looks like a fun evolution of the deck.

20 Feb 2017 falseidol

I haven't played this deck yet, but with Frantic Coding and Temujin--what makes Magnum Opus better than LARLA and more draw?

20 Feb 2017 Benjen

@falseidolThe breakers are on the expensive side and Opus fuels them. I have never regretted having Opus in the deck. It kept me from dying to punitive counterstrike against Blue Sun and fueled some wins against Prison RP decks.

If I was going to put in a Levy, I would take out a Temujin and and the yog. But honestly, when you get set up, you don't need more cards. breakers and money is a solid strategy.

22 Feb 2017 nutritionalzero

anything that beats toxic RP is fine by me. people who play that deck should be on some kind of watchlist.

26 Feb 2017 DonCheadle

What do you think about Bhagat in this deck?

Is additional HQ pressure needed?

26 Feb 2017 DonCheadle

And considering how much we use Parasite, what about Cyber Threat to make the Corp rez their ice, preventing a nasty faccheck?

28 Feb 2017 rezwits

Well after playing against this on, and having gotten crushed, with a quick chat, then he left (hehe), I started building THIS immediately, then in search of the other pieces and conversation over at about Frantic Coding, the deck magically appeared, SOLID! A++

2 Mar 2017 Benjen

@DonCheadleBhagat is a great card but I don't know if I need it. given that I throw away most of the deck in any given game, I wouldn't want to put one in just to have it go in the trash when it doesn't contribute directly to my gameplan. Same with Cyberthreat.

having said that, I am trying this basic shell and idea and swapping in Bhagat and Maw and seeing what happens.

@rezwitsglad you are enjoying it! This is a very Anarch way to play.