Fashion Court - Moscow Storechamp Winner

igrekk 1001

First of all props to @saetzero and all the contributors to this archetype.

This deck went 4-2 during the day, and only lost to chained turn 1 and 2 Account Siphon and pretty lucky accesses in HQ the turn before I would win.

While I was impressed by the deck idea in Cerebral Imaging (I've tried to build a somewhat similar one in Medtech) I immediately noticed some weak points.

  1. People tend to ignore the Employee Strike threat, but for me 3 x Enforced Curfew seem like autoinclude.
  2. You want all combo pieces ASAP, so playing 2 x Shipment and 2 x Mushin isn't a good idea. While triple Biotic into Global Food seems good on paper it almost never shoots and multiple Biotics flood your hand instead of more useful cards.
  3. Weak Account/Vamp protection. Sealed Vault is a beast here. While it can be dropped on table unrezzed and be part of combo/Siphon protection u can sell it via Product Recall to money up! Moreover Cybernetics Court is here to help combo out on the turn you have been Striked.
  4. Lack of plan B when all of you Lakshmi are trashed. You can Mushin and Friends into Laksmi + Assembly Lines (into asset or another Lines for Vanity).
  5. Plan 2-B (won me two games!) Mushin the agenda, then Shipment for Mother Goddess on Mushined server and two ices to replace all rezzed ice on HQ and R&D.

With all these changes this deck becomes a solid choice against Anarch, but is still very vulnerable to Film Critic.

21 Mar 2017 ParasitePromo

Great job! Product Recall is a very smart include here. There's not much recursion, so it must be played really carefully, I suppose. The deck is for well-skilled players definitely.

21 Mar 2017 igrekk

Also you can Mushin agenda even if you do not have second copy if. For example mushin vanity and play Shipment. Before runner takes first click rez all the stuff and reveal Global Food through Lakshmi. Runner barely will check mushined card, especially during tournament and prefer to spend click more "wisely".

25 Mar 2017 ntahfs

Does Lakshmi Smartfabrics need to be protected, or does it's effect last even if it is trashed? I ask because there are upgrades like Red Herrings or Old Hollywood Grid which explicitly state that their effect lasts on the card, but Lakshmi Smartfabrics does not. I suppose the answer is "yes," but I'd like a confirmation.

25 Mar 2017 igrekk

@ntahfs Yes it works till end of turn, even it trashed.

25 Mar 2017 romakarol

Fun deck, I appreciate the thought put into countering spihon and currents. Only thing i've found, apart from the obvious lack of counter to film critic is it often feels a bit asset-light. Often found myself thinking if the runner had trashed sealed vaults on the table (when they dont) or trashed more things from hand, I wouldnt be able to use lakshimi to score (thankfully I didnt face whizzard).

25 Mar 2017 eXister

i like you have also Plan 2 and Plan2B, love that!!!

26 Mar 2017 igrekk

@romakarol Yes, that's true. To secure win you need to rez 7 out of 13 assets. That is tough when runner locks RnD and trashes all assets. Thaks to Friends u can take 2 of them from archives. In desperate you can use Archived to return one more... Also you can probably swap one or two "tech" operations.

As counter to Critic i can offer Voter Intimidation instead of one Mushin. But if runner gets Vanity before you can Intimidate (or if runner saves Critic in hand for Mushin turn) this plan becomes almost useless.

27 Mar 2017 saetzero

Grats on the DotW!


Lakshmi is so fun ^_^

28 Mar 2017 droggar

How about snatch and grab for film critic counter - as a first action even if they take the tag you can just trash it on the next click

in theory :P

29 Mar 2017 igrekk

@saetzero Thanks!

@droggar I don't think this deck have enough money to trace runner. Also your handsize depends on credits.

29 Mar 2017 droggar

@igrekk yeah that is a good point.

How about switch from the global food initiative to voting machine initiative, then you could switch the enforced curfews to enhanced login protocol. Losing a click in this deck hurts the runner more than -1 hand size since you don't go for the kill

Then somehow squeeze in an MCA informant. The problem is which card you will skip over it.

Also how about architect? It can pull Lakshmi out of nowhere :P

Film critic kills this deck :(

29 Mar 2017 igrekk

If you count all economy cards in this deck you will have about 26 credits overall (doesn't counting Product Recall or possibility of trashing Violet Level). To win by scoring you will need around 8 credits. So it is 18 credits left for ICE/asset rez.

Today Employee Strike is very popular, most decks run 3 of them. Curfew is here to counter Strike, not hurt runner. If you "counter" Employee Strike with ELP 3 times it cost another -6 credits. At this point credit pool is deadly close to discards, because in average game there is about 15 cards in HQ. No money left for rezzing ICE. And we are talking about ideal game where all the economy cards were played.

Talking about Voting Machine i prefer not to lose with only 2 agendas accessed.

I think swap third Mushin for MCA is least painful option.

31 Mar 2017 Krasty

I slightly don`t understand "..another Lines for Vanity.." -> you mean Advanced Assembly Lines and Vanity Project ? How it works together? Or am I missing some point? :o)

31 Mar 2017 igrekk

If you wanna score Vanity Project through Friends from High Places play looks like:

  1. Mushin No Shin into Vanity

  2. Friends into Lakshmi and Lines, both from Archives

  3. Rez Lakshmi, rez Lines and use to install another Lines from HQ, use second Lines to install asset from HQ.

Now you have 4 counters on Lakshmi and Mushined agenda is safe. For this you will need 1 x Lakshmi + 1 x Lines in Archives and 1 x Lakshmi + any asset in HQ.

31 Mar 2017 Krasty

ups, I didn't know you get counter on Lakshmi when you rez it itself... surprise for me... thx for explaining me :o)

1 Apr 2017 victorygames

so, what does an ideal opening hand look like? I sleeved this up to goldfish it a little bit, and the starting hands seem really sub optimal...I am mulliganing any hand that doesn't have an econ card, or to a lesser extent a piece of ice...and most games I have to go without one or the other or both...

1 Apr 2017 igrekk

Depends on matchup. Single ICE could be enough to start. Drawing+econ is second priority. Or probably a hand with blue and violet level, but without ICE still good. Yes, sometimes you need time to "warm-up and click for draw or money. Very situational, but i tend to keep most hands because it could be worse(: