SYNC is the new CtM (1st Mox Ballard Store Champ)

CryptoGraham 841

This deck won the recent Cafe Mox Ballard store champ but was piloted by @risingconcern!

Normally everyone should be using SYNC as a 44 card deck but I tried cutting cards, making it smaller but the entire flow just felt off with every iteration.

The basic idea is that you score out early AR-Enhanced Security and use Daily Quest behind some taggy / taxing ice (Data Raven) to give you strong drip econ. Then, your goal is to bury the runner in tags, going for the High-Profile Target kill after they decide to float tags OR if you can't find that, to Psychographics out some Beales to close the gap when possible. Pretty standard NBN Tag Agenda package. Zealous Judge is to further make them panic and either go for it or go tag-me.

The deck needs to be played kind of like a CtM deck but more glacier style. There are a lot of operations and you'll want to use Daily Business Show to bottom agendas until you get your setup online.

The difficult matchups tend to be Shaper and aggressive Crowdfunding runner (the deck barely lost against Stabby MaxX in the final round).

Risingconcern is an excellent pilot and I'm certain I would not have done as well as he had on the day. Congrats to him for the win!

Good luck, and make those tags stick!