Sync? What year is this? (2nd Place Toronto Regional)

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This deck brought be to second place in the Toronto XPlanet GTA Regional Pro Am Run for the Cure, and also second in swiss, only dropping one game over the course of the day. What makes the second place more unlikely is that my runner was Alice Merchant.

I always enjoy playing weird off-meta decks, and having people be a little bit confused having to play against an ID that they spent exactly 0 time thinking about when practicing.

What year is it?

What I learned from this is that people really don't like paying 3 credits to clear a tag.

I started with this deck (thanks to CryptoGraham for great inspiration) but made a few changes.

  1. I don't own any copies of Eli 1.0 so I swapped that influence for Afshar. This actually worked pretty well for me because it was a hard ETR.
  2. SEA Source is critical to be able to punish a tag against a runner who still has some money.
  3. Remastered Edition instead of Net Quarantine. This actually let me fast advance out in game 3 for the win.
  4. Get rid of Thoth for Archangel. I never rezzed Thoth in testing because it's too expensive and I saw more Hunting Grounds than I expected.

Ad mentioned in the original write-up, the best case scenario is to score out an AR-Enhanced Security early and get a Daily Quest behind a Data Raven. But especially once Daily Business Show is running you have a lot of outs. I won games from kills as well as from scoring out in a remote

Round 1 - Loss to 419. I didn't really stand a chance in this matchup.

Round 2 - Win against Sillouhette. Got Apocalypsed twice and still managed to score out of a remote.

Round 3 - Win against Val.

Round 4 - Win against Liza. Probably the easiest match because Liza went tag me on turn 2 and I had the High-Profile Target in hand.

Cut game 3 - Win against same Val as round 3. This game I managed to pull off SEA Source, Closed Accounts, Hard-Hitting News in one turn. I was down 6-0 but I managed to EOI a 15 minutes for a Beale and pulled myself back into the game.

Finals game 1 - Win against 419. I was getting flooded but had Daily Quest behind a Tollbooth getting me money all game. I just dropped a Project Beale open on the table for lack of anything better to do and baited a run into Hard-Hitting News which led to a kill.

Then I lost in the second round of the finals with my runner deck in an Alice against Argus.

Overall it was a great day, with 18 good players in the field and this was the best I have ever done in a non-GNK tournament. Thanks to all my opponents for giving me great games. I don't think I had any games for either my runner or my corp that were won/lost due to randomness.

Congrats to Adam for beating me in the finals after playing 2 great games. It was a very deserving win.

9 Jun 2019 CryptoGraham



Congrats! I totally agree with the swap of Remastered Edition, that’s a great point to close it out.

How did Endless EULA work for you? I love the card but didn’t know how well it would work. I think it’s smart too though to be ultra taxing, especially since Laamb is really unlikely now!

9 Jun 2019 Cpt_nice

Was there any point where you would have prefered Quantum kitty over ARES?

9 Jun 2019 NinjaMike

@CryptoGraham Endless EULA worked pretty well in my game against Val in the cut. I just slapped it on R&D as an extra tax so I had time to dig for my last Beale.

@Cpt_nice Personally I like the ARES because it really disincentivizes trashing things like Rashida and Daily Quest. But I think QPM is a perfectly valid choice in this deck.

9 Jun 2019 CryptoGraham

To add onto ARES as a good choice, there’s so much ice destruction around it helps as another tempo setback for the runner.

17 Jun 2019 creditzathotmail


24 Jun 2019 Vortilion

Fun deck, but autoloose against Shaper with MD. :-(