Out of the Wuuds - (2nd Place Darksphere Regionals)

MrEhjiwurth 1646

"I should of stayed awake on the train longer to remember what was in your deck" - Rotage

"If anyone was gonna make the cut with madness in their deck it was gonna be you" - Tagore

"When you publish this deck I want it to be Taylor Swift related" - Swiftie

Well I suppose their a worst ways of ending your career in Netrunner...Nope no I think making a Taylor Swift pun name for a deck is pretty low down on the list of terrible ideas. But I felt obligated as this was a design from Swiftie. Thankfully both of us enjoy Aesop's Pawnshop and since the MWL this is one of the strongest builds I have seen in a long time. This made me hungry to test it and Darksphere was a good venue for it. But naturally I had to add a 46th card because I don't like restrictions and hey it came 2nd. Almost like another deck I did well with over the minimum deck size....hmmmmmm.

This deck has all the good old tools of shaper I've loved since I started playing the game. Aesop's giving you all that money as he buys your old tat and empty Cache. I feel sorry for the poor fella he sells that too for twice the price. Reaver is the nice spice I like in this deck giving you extra value with those sales and allowing you to Self-modifying Code on the Corps turn for another card it really helps accelerate this deck into a speed capable of keeping up. The Shadow Net so you can burst Sure Gamble for those big runs really helps turn the tide. Scavenge your Cache for extra money value and tempo when the Corp thinks they can jam out.

Why Kabonesa? - The main query I had when Swiftie showed me this deck was why not Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar with her double installs. The reason is Kabonesa Wu: Netspace Thrillseeker has a really useful ability to get Reaver out early. You should always mulligan for Aesop's Pawnshop and then you can get Reaver out the same turn. Also if you can't find your pawnshop sugar daddy quick enough then you can at least have a consolation of Daily Casts expiring to hold you or Scavenging Caches or using SMC. Reaverr is a nice accelerant in the deck by far and stops the dependency of old tricks like Professional Contacts which is nice but way too expensive in the Scarcity of Resources era.

Icebreaker Suite - Nothing too exciting about what we have here. Got a good ol Gordian Blade which is consistent, cheaper than other breakers and reliable. Paperclip is nice because you can Scavenge it for Femme Fatalee or Gordian Blade or anything else and just bring it back mid run on a Barrier. Atman is a nice support card for those pesky expensive Sentries or Code gates. Mostly Archers and in Emergency cases Surveyor. I think that Ice in particular is a weakness for this deck but one that can be mended easily with a few tweaks.


  1. The Outfit had 6 Bad Publicity so each turn I would sell my Paperclip then run a Vanilla to install for free #MassiveValue!

  2. Getting a lot of The Turning Wheel counters for match point with one turn left to win. Seeing 6 six cards the last agenda I needed was the last card accessed.

  3. Corp trashed my Femme and Gordian then tried to score to win. I used Shadow Net and Fan Site to Scavenge the breakers I needed and stole it for the win.

  4. Not playing against any CI players. Yeah that's right you know who you are!

Whilst I didn't win the regional I was still super happy with my performance and leaving my opponents servers in...Wuin! Hahaa....okay okay put down the pitchforks! Ahhhhh don't hurt me!

6 Aug 2018 Angedelo

Congrats on the great showing, love me some aesop shaper, any reason why Test Run over Compile?

7 Aug 2018 Angedelo

Having played the deck twice now, I know the answer to my question; you can't scavenge your femme after a compile run...

7 Aug 2018 MrEhjiwurth

Yeah sadly that's a nonbo.

8 Aug 2018 EnderA

Also, Compile doesn't let you Femme-bypass the outer ice, since it triggers on encounter.

Is there a reason you don't run Artist Colony to find Aesop's? (Or even The Turning Wheel/anything else.) Obviously slots are tight, but having extra likelihood of getting the crux of your deck seems important, particularly since you're already running 3 Fan Sites.