Resource • Install: 3 • Influence: 0

Place 8 from the bank on Daily Casts when it is installed. When there are no credits left on Daily Casts, trash it.

Take 2 from Daily Casts when your turn begins.

"We say 'cyber-terrorist', they hear 'underground celebrity.'" -Michael Muhama, professional expert.
Neutral • Matt Zeilinger • Creation and Control 53
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Daily Casts

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A really solid econ card with a couple of caveats. On a click-to-credit basis, it's equivalent to a Restructure, and one that only costs 3. However, the first turn after you install it, you're down 1 credit; the second turn, you're up 1, and it's only the third (+3) and fourth (+5) turns that it really shines.

In other words, it takes 3 turns after installing it before it's any better than clicking for a credit, and it's pretty useless if you're going tag-me as any good Corp will kill it quick. It's also not ideal late-game, as the game could be over before you see the benefit of it. With that said, it's one of the most click-efficient moneymakers Runners have available.

Also combos nicely with Aesop's Pawnshop, bringing the net gain to 6 credits.

Another advantage with Pawnshop is that you can get to 6 credits at the third turn —
Solid for any drip economy build. —