Updated TheBigBoy's Sleeper Hold

vor_lord 194

I took this to second place in the Haunted Game Cafe's Store Championship on Dec 19 in Fort Collins, CO.

This is only slightly modified from @thebigboy's original Sleeper Hold -- I added a Cyberdex Virus Suite and Fairchild 3.0. I cut an Ichi 1.0 for the CVS which honestly was painful, I missed the extra piece of ice.

I did not face Clot, but the Cyberdex paid off, securing two wins on the day by purging late-game medium counters. I used Team Sponsorship to reuse it in one game in particular.

Changes I would make now: Lotus Field doesn't seem to be pulling its weight anymore. I would try a straight swap for Eli 1.0 as I needed more Temujin discouragement. Using Friends in High Places is probably easier than abusing Team Sponsorship.

Domestic Sleepers was scored in every game that I won.

Thanks to @thebigboy for his deck as it was very fun to play.

6 Jan 2017 TheBigBoy

Glad you like it. Sleepers is the best!

7 Jan 2017 Simone Suka

I' on a different iteration of this. More asset spam, more cancerous. And it has sensies.

7 Jan 2017 vor_lord

Care to share, '@Simone Suka? I found that the list I played was pretty high variance, needing to get several things early. Case in point in the cut, I faced William's Citadel DLR Andy twice. Dominated the first time, floundered the second.