Unreasonably Rude v1.1 - ETX Nationals

pandapersona 2602

This Skorpios Defense Systems: Persuasive Power build is designed to abuse locking out the runner's fracter.

The deck has surprisingly good match-ups against many of the power cards out there and is hard to deal with even when you know what you're playing against. The key combo is being able to either Hunter Seeker their fracter or Hatchet Job and then Salem's Hospitality it.

The hardest match-up is against decks running multiple Employee Strikes, fortunately, you have access to a singleton Ark Lockdown for these situations.

5 Jun 2017 Jayjaxx

Looks neat. How do you deal with Paperclip though? Cause hunter seeker ark lockdown seems like a pretty poor way of dealing with it.

5 Jun 2017 pandapersona

It's pretty easy to catch runners with Hatchet Job, followed by Salem's to knock out a breaker like Paperclip or a fracter that's protected by Film Critics and Sacrificial Constructs.

5 Jun 2017 CJFM

@JayjaxxAre you serious? You're skorpios..

5 Jun 2017 CJFM

We had another player take this deck to top 8. It was undefeated in swiss and only lost once to Keyhole Whizzard.

5 Jun 2017 CJFM

The only changes he made to this was -1 wrap for +1 Jackson (not sure necessary), and -1 archer for some other barrier of your choice.

5 Jun 2017 Jayjaxx

@CJFM yes I'm serious. I may also be an idiot. Now that I realize this is in skorp and skorp can deal with paper clip. This deck looks awesome