Mars Needs Critics [SOCR2] [Cache Refresh]

internet_potato 961

My thinking here was to ruthlessly exploit the lack of Film Critic in Cache Refresh with Obokata Protocol, Ben Musashi, Data Loop, and Kakugo.

This deck dropped one game in swiss and 1 game in the cut to take me to second place overall and a final corp record of 7-2.

Early iterations played Tollbooth in order to make servers that tax both cards and credits simultaneously. When Crimson Dust arrived, I dropped it to make space for MCA Austerity Policy which opened up a lot of FA/NA plays, and makes it really hard for the runner to score when you have a nisei token and an unrezzed ICE to burn. That card is a complete all-star. Breached Dome was another MVP, helped to shut off Temujin Contract and act as a cheap central run deterrent.

Many of my matches are on stream, videos are all here.