Libraries beat Knives [Startup]

Space Cowboy 296

At first I thought that Knives were the way to go, but then I realized you need to get into centrals a lot to use them. Then I saw how powerful Books can be (ok, I listened to a podcast).

It turns out that Crim has a lot of good cards. And if you put them all in a deck, you can win games. Who knew?

Draw remains a bit of an issue. Leech into Arruaceiras Crew and Networking after making a 9-credit Friend can be a bit fiddly, but those are still all strong cards. We could include Verbal Plasticity for draw, but what to remove? Thoughts?

3 Apr 2024 x3r0h0ur

Undefeated @hopstation 2024

6 Apr 2024 EmmaAlva

This deck appears fantastic! You did a great tiny fishing job.

7 Apr 2024 Alkama

I ran this deck at a Startup CO today. I definitely found the draw to be lacking, but overall the deck was quite fun. Kudos!

19 Apr 2024 Space Cowboy

`@Alkama Great to hear! On a second iteration, I dropped the two Cupellations for a third Career Fair and Earthrise Hotel. Still very functional, and fun. Thanks for the feedback!

19 Apr 2024 Sarmatian

PE hates libraries.