Intimidationshop (1st @ Linköping SC)

Rhyme 155

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When someone first told me about the 24/7 Intimidation combo I got very excited. I always loved the old Butchershop decks, and this felt like the closest thing to it.

After playing around with the deck on jnet I found it strong and fun enough to bring to the Linköping SC. It went 5-1 on the day, only dropping one game in the swiss against a Mopus MaxX.

The idea behind the deck is to play it like a regular old Skorpios rush deck, using the kill combo as a way to close the game early if the runner makes a mistake. There's no real way to kill the runner as long as they don't end their turn with less than five cards in hand.

In the end the kill threat becomes little else than just that; a threat. Of the five games I won only one was a flatline, the rest were just good old-fashioned scoring or lockout. This leads me to believe that standard Skorpios with three Batty and Lockdown probably is the better deck. Armed Intimidation might still be worth running over Oaktown, as a tempo hit for the runner and a possible way to snipe some high value cards from grip. You can also install and score next turn with Audacity if you're on game point.

One thing I will say in the deck's favor is that it doesn't automagically lose when your opponent installs a SacCon, something that I was fortunate enough to avoid on the day.

Big thanks to everyone I played for a great tournament! And thanks to @gejben who turned me onto this deck (and also engineered my runner deck).
12 Mar 2018 simili

@gejben turned you on :)