Titan (1st place D.C. ANRPC MAC qualifier)

trafalco 226

Went 4-1 on the day. I have been experimenting with Titan for quite some time. I think the dual win condition is important. Snares, sea source, scorches keep the runner honest. Aggressive secretary is a nice one of for surprising runner. I switched up the ice a bit to be more taxing for Faust and replaced the trick of lights with san san city which is more synergistic with the secondary win condition (additional tax for runner). Power shutdowns are good as they are, but are more relevant now for clot recursion destruction (SMC/clone). The list is a fun one to play!

18 Aug 2015 Saan

I like the general deck, but I'm not sure about the Shadow. What is it generally used for? Obviously the deck did well, so I'm curious how the ice preformed.

18 Aug 2015 sod_timber_wolf

Yeah, I really like the deck, too, but I am also wondering about Shadow. Maybe Hunter would be better? Cheaper, more resistant to Parasite, requires additional gear checks for runner using Mimic, same trace :)

18 Aug 2015 moonwalker

What about Errand Boy? If the runner facecheck it, it costs the same as a facechecked Shadow and it's one more credit to break.

18 Aug 2015 trafalco

@Saan, @sod_timber_wolf, and @moonwalker, thanks for your comments! The Shadow is actually a throwback to when I was running Trick of Light. It actually did some good work! I found that is a nice early ice with some flexibility. Generally early game it's face checked and it's a better credit swing in favor of the Corp (runners typically face check Weyland ice early game because most of them are barrier end the runs. I have had a couple of situations where it made sense to pump it out of Mimic range to increase the tax or make it less appealing to Parasite. Regardless, I will try your suggestions and see how it goes!

18 Aug 2015 Ehill

Not surprised in the least, but great job! Saw a similar build in "Atlas Shrugged" and been loving playing it ever since. Thanks for showing Midrange Titan can be T1!

18 Aug 2015 Ehill

Also i have to agree with the above, been using a similar deck with Hunter and it works GREAT! Also tried searchlight but it runs into trouble the second people start running link.

18 Aug 2015 trafalco

Thanks for the comments @Edje, what I will say about Shadow is that regardless of link or bad pub, it is still a small tax. That is why I see Errand Boy potentially being okay in that department, but too weak in a noise heavy meta (I play noise myself). Maybe I'm just being a bit too loyal to Shadow right now because it performed well :). I will, as I said, I will give Hunter a try!

18 Aug 2015 Drchatter

Congrats Falco - It was a pleasure getting my butt kicked by you. :) (Played you 2nd round as Biotics and Reina)

18 Aug 2015 llama66613

Nice, more Titan! Mine placed same in another ANRPC Qualifier. It's pretty similar, though the ice suite is pretty different and I don't use Snares. Aggressive Secretary is really cool. I'll try out swapping my Subliminals for Beanstalks.

19 Aug 2015 trafalco

@llama66613, awesome that you have also found some success with Titan! I highly recommend Beanstalk Royalties. It's easy money, and if they are Account Siphon spamming or the Vamp special, you can get to three creds to scorch from zero :)

19 Aug 2015 trafalco

@Drchatter, it was great meeting you and look forward to september!