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2nd place 2016-12-04 Store Championship in Jönköping, Sweden

Game plan: Draw cards until you can kill them.

Nothing revelatory here I think. Shutdown combo into BOOM! is obviously powerful, and this deck simply tries to assemble that combo as fast as possible. Sometimes you play 24/7 + Boom! directly from hand, sometimes you do the full combo. It mostly depends on your draw (and how much protection the runner has). Interaction with the runner is hopefully minimal apart from that, since the deck can't really stand up to repeated pressuring of HQ and R&D, and relies a lot on the runner losing tempo when digging for their plascrete and running carefully when a BN has been scored.

It went 2-2 in swiss and 3-0 in the cut. Both losses were to decks with NACH, go figure. Goes to show that against properly teched opponents, this deck really has no business winning games at all. (Both of those players were my practice partners who knew exactly what I was bringing.) When it does win though, it tends to happen suddenly and unfairly, which is how I like my decks.

This deck is what carried me in the cut. As luck would have it, I got to play it in both the loser's bracket games, and won without much discussion. I won the first final game very quickly, but then I had to play my Smoke against CtM (the same matchup that sent me to the loser's bracket to begin with) for the win, which was about as balanced a matchup as most of the games this deck won during the day.

Runner deck: