ORIGASM with Dogs!

Dydra 2773

So instead of speculating with non-existing cards applying them to a non-existing meta and theorycrafting into oblivion, I prefer to focus on decks that are with cards now - decks that you can sleeve up and go play with your friends/tournament/test-buddies.

Here is a very interesting concept that I came up with - trying to make Origami work.

First of all, what benefits origami give you with that stupid hand size? Ekomind and/or Overmind combination comes first to mind. After that obviously damage protection... and what else? That's it? Is there a card that gives you money for each card in your hand?

A: Well, not exactly. However, you have Freelance Coding.

The only decks that Freelance Coding works, are those with overdraw and from my experience, I've had success with it only in Exile decks ( look to my previous Exile deck for example).

All in all, my older Exile deck was quite interesting, fun to play and efficient. Only problem was the Random element and that if you don't combo overdraw with Diesel and Quality time ito 4-5 programs into Freelance Coding - it would be a tough game.

Origami smooths out that process quite a lot, allowing you to draw and stack up cards in HQ so you blow Freelance at the right time.

Q: " Oh, but Dydra you noob, how would would guarantee you get Origami on time! "

A: " Well, the solution kinda came up on it's own while looking in the faction. I was thinking of ways to "call" Origami and obviously SMC popped up. Yes the Price is 2, but you can have your key peace at the right time. Also even if you Freelance the Origami for 2c and you can Clone chip it back for 0 ... that's +2c Net ... now we are talking about efficiency! "

This and other synergies lead me to the conclusion that the true faction for Origami might be Shaper. Especially with the new green runner that is coming up in the 2nd data pack of the next cycle- but that will be when the time comes out ;)

Origami's only downside, of course, is the memory cost. That's one more reason to play it in the most MU rich faction ( Shaper). I expect 3x Cyber Solutions mem chip to be enough. In case they aren't we have toolboxes, dinosaraus and whatnot to fix that :)

P.s. Just I'm writing this something else came to my mind. If we actually put 3x Astrolabe inside, that's +1 total MU and will punish NEH and RP giving you even more draw whitout discarding (more chance to hit your programs/ Freelance) ;)

P.s.s. Influence is pretty vague/free in this deck. Only thing you really need is the 6inf for the 3x Origami. The rest ... well I love how good Femme works in Exile, with all the Scavange and Test Runs, no servers will be out of your reach. Currently my Preference for HQ pressure is Legwork, rather than Account Siphon, but feel free to switch if you like. Keyhole is great, especially against Jinteki PE, so I prefer it over R&D interface for centrals

8 Dec 2014 ItJustGotRielle

@Dydra I see you don't even run Sure Gamble- so you are looking to get Opus, Test Run, or Scavenge in your opener right? And you just draw like crazy with Diesel and QT for big FCCs until you credit up and get the programs and memory you want? Seems like my kind of Exile! I used to love playing The Fur Coat which was all about burning through your deck like crazy, but the Origami is cool! What's your experience with it so far?

8 Dec 2014 Dydra

You are looking for a lot of draw in your opening hand (similar to the deck it was derived from) or Magnum Opus. Now with Origami things are a little more interesting, since if you hit 1 or 2 n your opening hand, you might consider keeping that hand and just "manually" drawing later

I am really considering 3x Astrolabe though. It looks amazing for this task in the current NEH/ RP meta.

8 Dec 2014 SlySquid

Looks like a lot of fun =) Exile: Streethawk seemed like a janky ID at first but I played a great deck at a regionals and it was Hella good... Are you looking forward to Uninstall...?

8 Dec 2014 4dd150n

Exile: Streethawk was going to be my next project, so I'm excited to try some of these tricks. I'm just reluctant to tear down my Kate deck, as she's currently my best one.

8 Dec 2014 BTrain

Nice build. Any thoughts about including BOX-E over Astrolabe? The extra draw from Astro is pretty solid, but the BOX gets you a CyberSolutions and Public Sympathy in a nice compact package.

8 Dec 2014 Glitch

Why have you decided to go without any R&D multi access? I'd be worried about running against NEH with only 2 Legwork in the deck, but that might be personal insecurities.

Also, in my experience with using a larger hand size as damage protection (particularly against Scorched Earth) has some major flaws. The first is that you're going to need at least 2 of your Origami asap to give you a large enough hand size limit to protect you. Secondly, you'll also need to not only draw up to that maximum hand size, but also not play anything in order to keep that protection. We are also transitioning into a meta where decks that are reliant upon Scorched Earth as a victory condition are now starting to use Midseason Replacements to open up triple Scorch options (and then recur those with the likes of Archived Memories and Reclamation Order), which means you'll have to have your full Origami suite up and operational before you can risk stealing agendas.

Now that O&C has been spoiled, I'm sure there are many people sleeving up their Weyland decks again to get back into the mindset, which makes Plascrete Carapace that much more valuable right now.

Again, these may be personal insecurities, but I feel I speak from a place of wisdom on the matter. I've played Weyland since the beginning and have played around people using the likes of Public Sympathy to protect them. You'll find yourself playing much more cautiously with installs when you see the big "W" sitting across from you.

8 Dec 2014 x3r0h0ur

I kind of agree, you seem a little light on multiaccess, particularly from R&D. Also, I think stimhack could find a home in a deck like this, stimhack is a great way to surprise the corp, you have lots of ways to recur it, and losing the hand size mid to late game is nearly a non-issue.

I could see using workshop with it too, but that does different things and might be a whole other build too.

8 Dec 2014 Dydra

@SlySquid Exile: Streethawk was the only Shaper I had interest in, until Nasir Meidan: Cyber Explorer came out. I don't think I'm looking forward to any cards that arent in the next pack already (the source), since the big box expansion will change a lot of things and will make many choices of this deck absolete .... maybe ...

@Addison do what I do - buy Dragonshield and walk around with 2 runner decks like a boss :)

@BTrain that's quite interesting ... I might really consider that. However, I've put a task for myself to do somethng with Origami. If I want to make a new Exile though, I'll give the BOX-E some thought, thanks ;)

@Glitch The sole purpose of Origami isn't to play as hard on scorch protection. As I said it allows for more powerful Freelances and to be fetched at will through SMC (also recur and whatnot other Shaper goodies can do with programs).

If Weyland gives such a big trouble for this deck, putting in a Plascreet or two, on top of that crazy hand size is the easiest thing you can do ;)

Many things you said about people guarding themselves with Public Sympathy are true. However, Don't forget that Origami scales differently and that it can't be trashed via tags. Also just my personal preference, but if you get schorch burned your Plascreetes it is a lot a harder to recur them, than to simply draw 4 cards ;)

That being said, something I forgot to mention in the description - obviously this decks abuses heavily the Scavange/SoT on Cerberus "Lady" H1 for infinite barrier walkthrough :)

8 Dec 2014 Dydra

@x3r0h0ur I thought about Personal Workshop as well ... the build kindaaa goes to entirely new place. Without the heavy R&D multi access, I prefer to have a Keyhole for it with all the amount of PEs running around ( I will soon post my current PE deck btw, so far 7-0 ).

It's not a problem to throw in some R&D interface, but as a person who has played my previous exile deck quite a lot, I know that things can go really really grim if you draw your interfaces together with the mem chips and have no hand size to keep Free lance/ Programs to sell ... but I didn't have Origami then either :)

This needs some testing ...

8 Dec 2014 Dydra

I'll sleeve up this deck for tomorrow night when we have our weekly Netrunner plays and I'll let you know how it went ;)

9 Dec 2014 Dydra

This deck is SOLID!

I played 6 games today. 1 vs ICEless Jinteki PE, 2 vs the TWIY Grail deck (deck of the week) and 3 vs NISEI at Worlds deck

The result is 3-3.

1-0 vs ICEless

0-2 vs TWIY Grail

2-1 vs NISEI at worlds

Dispite losing the 2 games vs Grail, the losses were entirely to missplays on my side. In one of them I setup my rig scary fast and he trashed 3x Origami and 1x MO with 4 grails ICE ( 2 Galahad down and 2 Lancelot in Hand).

The Jinteki got wrecked. Origami and Feedback filter with a keyhole just destroyed them.

At no point was I not in control of the game.

I was running the Astrolabe version btw and I can tell you Astrolabe + Exile is scary how fast you can cycle through your deck while setuping your rig and getting money.

I will upload the [Stable] version tomorrow, but god, I was not expecting the deck to be so strong.