Uninstall 0[credit]

Influence: 0

Add an installed program or piece of hardware to your grip.

Runner software is notoriously scratch-built and under-tested, and the shadow net has no tech support. It works, mostly, but sometimes a fresh install is just the ticket.
Illustrated by Andreas Zafiratos
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Order and Chaos (oac)

#53 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Think about Femme Fatale or Imp getting reloaded this way! D4v1d! All those dog breakers, Overmind!

Better than Scavenge for doing this job, if you ask me. Saves influence and suits well with some heavy-duty anarch breakers.

(All That Remains era)
Femme will cost a lot! I can see this working with D4v1d since it save you ton of money by not having to go pump some icebreakers. —
Pretty sure that's even an Imp being uninstalled in the artwork! —

Uninstall is a tough card to justify inclusion - assuming that you've uninstalled something because you want to install it again from scratch, you're paying two clicks, a card, plus the install cost of the original card to get where you wanted.

Except what if you could mitigate some of that cost? Say with some help from Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar wearing her Comet? Suddenly both the click to make the uninstall and the click to re-install come with built in second actions!

And if that second event were, say, Modded, we've done the full thing in 1 click and for three creds less than usual.

Sure, Scavenge is notably easier and possibly even cheaper for programs. The problem with Scavenge is that it can be a bit of a specific-use card, whereas all of these cards are useful for other purposes as well - they've just combined here to do what you wanted to do very efficiently. Plus this works for hardware, which is good for things like Plascrete Carapace or Dorm Computer.

Oh, and with the added bonus that being on a Blacklist won't disable the trick!

(Breaker Bay era)
I think a big downside to Uninstall is that you have to spend the click and the creds to reinstall the program. Overcoming those weaknesses is the key, like you're suggesting here with click compression. You could also pair it with Cyberfeeders or Sahasrara in a deck with lots of viruses or cheap programs to help that case too. Still, I think decks that look to reinstall lots of programs use Scavenge or Aesop's. —

Just use Rejig instead of this. It´s also neutral, but saves you a <span class="icon icon-click"></span>

and creds (sorry for double comment, I pressed the bad key)

Fun for virus replay in Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire, such as Cache. Some Noise decks tend to use Scavenge for their virus replay and recursion, with Uninstall you might loose the possibility of getting something back from the discard pile, but you get 2 influence points back, which is pretty good.

(All That Remains era)

This is excellent with non-permanent Icebreakers like Overmind, but don't think this works excellently with Femme Fatale or redesigning Atman. Those breakers need to be reinstalled, and without any tricks that will cost another fortune. Rather dig those massively expensive breakers from the heap with Scavenge or Retrieval Run, or find other kinds of tricks for installing them.

This said, Uninstall might work wonderfully with Noise: Hacker Extraordinaires Virus spams and reuse of D4v1d and the like if Scavenge is too much influence for you, in case you aren't playing Shaper.

(The Source era)

The obvious addition to Kabonesa Wu: Netspace Thrillseeker decks will be Scavenge allowing you to trash and install other programs on the cheap. However the pickle is the needed replacement program in your grip or heap, and eventually you'll want a few cards to dig back into your heap to retrieve that Scavenge-fodder.

Uninstall can supplement that play simply returning that program to your grip instead. It's a slow, click-heavy alternative but requires less working parts. A couple of copies can accelerate your stack-digging action to put pressure on Corp. And if Magnum Opus is your econ engine, that engine can ramp up earlier with this card.

(Downfall era)
Can’t really see this getting any play now that Rejig is out and strictly better at doing the same job —