Project Killian: Circuses and Bread

PTD 452

4 wins, 1 loss at Reading SC and previously won an Oxford GNK.

This deck has been described as mean by almost every opponent I have played. After this event I thought to myself I should play a corp that doesn't tilt the runner to death, as that is no way to make friends.

I was looking through old decks, wondering if any old archetypes are salvageable, and was also in a "Dedicated Response Team is really cool" mood. I ended up looking at NEARPAD and remembered the success angedelo recently had against me with "fake CTM" (NEH scoring AR-Enhanced Security).

So the majority of slots were based on an old good deck, replace everything that rotated with good new cards, then added Reality Threedee.

The general reaction to that has been "um okay, but why not a good card?" but turns out it does two valuable things in this deck.

Firstly, it is an asset I don't want to rez. This really adds to the shell game, you are going to have a lot of stuff that people waste time checking or stressing about having not checked. This deck is mentally taxing due to the risk of cascading traps.

Secondly, it is a safe rez once you score an AR. No one wants to pay 4-6 and a tag to kill a glorified PAD. You need anywhere between 2 and 20 credits to be fatal, depending on how daft the runner is, so drip econ helps keep your teeth sharp.

Bonus justification, they also give a backup use for Exposé - when you aren't using it to recover from a series of TERRIBLE ACCIDENTS.

The deck is pretty much first draft as you see here, it just all oddly seemed to work and I didn't want to ruin a good (very bad) thing. A player that keeps their cool will focus on centrals. In this case just pray you get Snare! in the right place, and sneak out as many points as you can.

7 Jan 2018 lostgeek

I really like the idea! I switched 2 Tollbooth for 2 more Mumbad Virtual Tour, because I don't think the econ is strong enough to support them without Turtlebacks. And installing them on centrals is as good as ICE. :)

7 Jan 2018 ogrillion

I just lost to this deck, after planting a Snare! backed by DRTs. It was glorious. Welcome back NEARPAD!

11 Jan 2018 PTD

Glad you've enjoyed trying it out! I admit the Tollbooth rarely get rezzed unless against a Tapwrm/Peace econ. I usually put it on a remote if it will open a scoring window or I feel pressured to actually score.

A nice classic taxing piece of ice is a bit of a patch when plan A is struggling for whatever reason.