Sunlight (2nd at Katowice Regionals)

MrHuds0n 1189


I took 2nd place in Katowice regionals with this deck, finishing up 3-2 (dropping one game to Matuszczak's Haarpsichord and one to Jander's PU) in Swiss and then 1-1 in the top 4 against Dawciu's killer SYNC and Jander's PU again. There were 18 people in the tournament.

Unlike my Corp deck, this is a thoroughly tested Siphon+Apoc Whizzard designed specifically to combat the Moon HB asset spam, against which I played exactly 0 games on the day.

Nevertheless, this deck is still extremely good against most of the threats anything can throw at it, provided you are skillful enough to land the siphons.

The flex slots in this deck are the Estrike, Apocalypse and Day Jobs. You can easily throw out one Apoc if you anticipate facing more glaciery corps by replacing it with Rumour Mill. You can also try Planned Assault + Femme or a second Estrike instead.

Highlight of the day: Faceplant a Fetal against Jander and out of 5 cards in hand he dropped my two Siphons which he then immediately Ark Lockdowned ._.

27 May 2017 Jander

I think one Siphon was from net dmg and one from PU?

27 May 2017 Krasty

ehm .. same situation if I Injected both of my Keyholes and next turn @Jander Lockdowned them to outer space... sh*t happens... sometimes .. :o)

27 May 2017 Jander

I Lockdowned two Keyholes of MrHudson in the finals but he had three!

28 May 2017 codychilton13

@MrHuds0n who is that alt art ID In the picture?!?!?!

28 May 2017 MrHuds0n

@codychilton13It's an alt I did a while ago, the picture is downloaded off the internet, I don't remember who drew it.