Cheap Bird

Veste 418

Follow up from the Whizzard deck posted recently. I think this should address the Blue Sun problems the previous deck faced.

Cuj.0 seems like the better option with e3, obviously it doesn't always need to be used, but it gives flexibility on taxing ICE such as Komainu. It also allows for ditching Datasuckers in favor of Imp.

Was able to make room for two Torch as well, should allow for more consistency.

Thank you O&C.

25 Jan 2015 Humanoids

If you are using cards from O&C anyway, why don't you use steelskin instead of inject?

25 Jan 2015 Veste

Steelskin has replaced Quality Time. Inject is part of the combo with Retrieval Run.

25 Jan 2015 Veste

Okay, a few changes:

-2 Torch + 2 Gordian Blade

-2 Imp + 2 D4v1d

-1 Day Job -1 Steelskin -1 Cerberus "Cuj.0" H3

+2 Same Old Thing +1 Nerve Agent

25 Jan 2015 Veste
25 Jan 2015 Exo

Why keeping the Plascrete instead of adding a third Steelskin? Am I missing something?

25 Jan 2015 Veste

You can't necessarily count on Steelskin being trashed, or not needing it for draw. I think you can be liberal with your numbers for the Events, choosing what you want, that was just my move.

25 Jan 2015 Exo

Prepaid pretty much make it a Diesel, that's why I like more in this deck. But I think it's a preferencial choice from there :)