That scene in Fight Club where everything explodes - 62nd EU

nicohasa 80


Best Kabonesa Wu deck EU!
The deck went 3-5 in Euros, so performed OK-ish.

The Dream Combo: Get a bunch of clicks with Hyperdriver, then:
1. By Any Means
2. Paparazzi
3. Nyashia (On a Dhegdheer, trash your Origamis)
4. Nyashia
5-7. Deep Data Mining
8. Mad Dash archives.

You mill 21 cards, which statistically is enough to win.

The setup:
Standard Kabonesa turn 1 triple Origami hope you have Game Day, draw a bunch, install a bunch. Hyperdrivers on Dhegdheers, etc.

You have 3 Gbahali, 2 Kongamato and Grappling Hook + Clone Chip to actually get into R&D 3 times on the combo turn. You probably don't need all of them.

Didn't actually get to combo most games, I often ended up being budget Pirate Hayley after doing a mini-combo for like 6-10 mills. Sometimes it even worked out!


Round 1 (Win):
Against Chris Thomas on Argus, who had played Netrunner for 3 months. Really nice guy, this was his first big tournament. Got to combo out, but only milled 4 pts the combo turn. Ran his remote last click instead of Archives, stole a 2pter (ignored Argus meat thanks to Paparazzi #value). Ran archives next turn with Mad Dash for the win.

Round 2 (Win):
Against Dave Hoyland on EdTech. Managed to contest a semi-early Degree Mill, got double punitived (14 hand size woo!). Lost two Deep Data Minings, so had to try to combo out with only one. Milled like 6 or 7 cards, saw no agendas. Next turn he Archived Memoried a Echo Chamber and installed, so I had to Mad Dash R&D for random access, luckily hitting a SSL on top. Lucky break for me.

Round 3 (Loss):
My opponent played Reconstruction Contract CI. Didn't check remotes early cause I was busy setting up my own combo, giving him a Vitruvius token thanks to Jeeves. He comboed out a EffCom and then a Elective Upgrades quickly thereafter, I was far away from having combo setup.

Round 4 (Loss): All the Upgrades ASA! I started my combo a turn earlier than I should have. Used Interdiction to stop ash rez so I could steal the last agenda Asa needed in the remote during my combo turn, but got locked out of all servers fairly quickly after that. This deck does not have the money to actually contest a rezzed ash.

Round 5 (Win):
Guy Patching on Mushin Jemieson Armed Intimidation Meteor Mining combo. Found my first Game Day very late, but guessed correctly on which mushined card was an agenda and not a Psychic Field. Would have milled ~14 ish cards, but there was 7+ agendas milled on the first DDM.

Round 6 (Loss): Argus with HHN. Decided to contest an agenda I probably should have let fly. Got Econ Warfared + HHNed, then value boomed next turn, losing 2 DDMs. Mini-comboed for about 6 cards shortly thereafter, did not find any agendas. With me left on 7 cards in total, I could not play any of my cards for fear of being boomed, and lost shortly thereafter.

Round 7 (Loss): Titan Fast Advance. He was on 5 pts with Atlas token for 2 turns in a row, so felt like I had to combo now or never. Milled 5 pts, giving me 6 with Mad dash. Close, but no cigar. My opponent won next turn.

Round 8 (Loss): Ian Witt on Titan Fast Advance. I thought I could wait another turn to combo, as my opponent had 4 pts, but he used a 4 card combo to score a 3-pointer. We checked how my combo would have done if I pulled it off, I would have gotten almost no agendas anyway.

Euros was really fun! I didn't really think this deck would do that well, as it's a kind of stupid combo requiring I have 2 cards that are one-offs in hand to combo out, so it kind of did better than I thought it might have.