Museum of Death

Leviathan 166

What's better than 3 Snare? 6 Snare! What's better than 3 Jackson Howard? 6 Jackson Howard! What's better than 3... ah shit, you get the point. The museums recur all the good cards and make the runner have to see them again and again and again and again......

After getting fully fed up with Faust I brought this to my local store champs. I didn't win or anything, but I did make a guy say, "I'm going to run archives and kill myself now, ok?" I also ground a couple runner's decks to dust.

This is a great death by a thousand cuts kind of deck. The best (worst?) part is that it just keeps on going like an energizer bunny on psychoshrooms. Trash the museums or you're gonna have a bad day. Oh, the museums are 15 to trash? Better run archives. Spoiler alert: archives is a total shit show. When they hit the shi.kyus just pay 2. That way it encourages them to go ahead and take the damage and leave them there for the next 2 or 3 times they run archives.

This deck doesn't aim to score out. It aims to steal people's souls. That being said. If you have a tech startup installed, a ronin in R&D, a dedication ceremony in hand, and 2 creds in the bank and they end their turn with less than 2 cards in hand - you win. I know I know, that sounds like a perfect storm. But here in Oklahoma it storms all the time.

8 Mar 2016 kollapse

Fun idea with Dedication Ceremony, but I would absolutely find room for either Neural EMP or Chairman Hiro - or preferably both - to make the Dedication kill alot more likely.

8 Mar 2016 gandrasch

I play a similar deck. Heritage isnt needed, as you lay back most of the time and only react. Also Neural EMP and Cerebral Cast are quite good with that recursion.

8 Mar 2016 GrantZilla1979

Man, I'd love to see a Gyri Labyrinth in here. Dedication Ceremony is SOOO spendy, though.

8 Mar 2016 Popeye09

For extra murder fun, you can do the Ronin kill from Archives too if you have a Museum of History installed. Same trigger point, so fire Museum of History before Tech Startup...