VHS Tape (B3T4M4X)

Snake Eyes 4582

I don't own The Valley yet, but I'm looking at playing around with Brain-Taping Warehouse.

Heinlein Grid is a card I'm excited to try out as well.

Inazuma gets juicier with all sorts of bioroids on the table.

18 ICE and Ash 2X3ZB9CY to be able to glacier up a little bit. Lot of cash, and Brain-Taping Warehouse discounts o' plenty. 2x Crisium Grid for a little protection from Account Siphons and other HQ punishment bullshit. 1x Cyberdex Virus Suite to protect archives. (or R&D whenever it gets hit or whatever)

Looking forward to playtest this.


(Feel free to make comments. I'll spruce it up after I play around with this some more.)

3 Apr 2015 sruman

Well I'll be the first to suggest the blasphemy .... better as stronger together given Heinlein grid would deter using clicks (probably want 2 then) ... But as always probably not, but worth a thought.

4 Apr 2015 cranked

I think with the econ in this deck being just Hedge Fund, Adonis, and Celeb Gift, ETF's ability helps you maintain your economy while you ICE up. The only plus about switching to ST is that Viktor 1 becomes un-Yoggable, but Yog.0 will only see more play once Net-Ready Eyes drops.

That being said, I might try to fit in 2 more econ cards somewhere, and I think there's definitely some stuff you could cut here. Cyberdex Virus Suite doesn't seem to make much sense here, as you aren't fast advancing anything, and really just serves to hit Datasucker and Medium tokens, which can be dealt with by purging the old-fashioned way. 1x Heinlein Grid is cool, but may end up being superfluous without playing stuff like False Lead and Strongbox.

4 Apr 2015 sruman

Personally I wouldn't drop the heinlein grid as clicking through big bioroids is usually better than breaking depending on breaker. E.g. unless you can make 7 credits for 3 clicks regularly, why not click through Heimdall 1.0 instead of using corroder? Plus as a moral victory it can really wipe that smug look the e3 players face.