Silver Bullet Kate PeterPan-Version (2nd place GNK Cologne)

PeterPan 271

This deck took me to 2nd place on April GNK in Cologne with 3-1.
Critical is a fast The Toolbox-Install, otherwise you have promblems with MU.
Use the recurring credits for strengthen your Study Guide.
Lost to a fast Dalhills NBN:CTM, won against Jackmades Spark, Jaros Cybernetic Division and Fearasmus' NEH Kill.
Runs are mostly cheap when setup with 4 recurring credits.
Think this is why I could win against @Jackmade 's Death & Taxes.
Also Film Critic helped my with the NAPD Contract
Corp deck can be found here. Think i switch the "Freedom Through Equality" with a Mad Dash.

11 Apr 2017 BloodJoker

MmMmMm love me some Study Guide Multithreader action