Pure Titan 23rd Euros 2020 5 / 2

5N00P1 833

What to say about Titan? This deck was borred from QVM, which I think is based on @Heinzels deck and became stronger with Wall to Wall so I've seen it first time at German Nats 2019 / 2020. Played this together with my Leela deck for a good 23rd place at African & European Continentals 2020.

What to talk about, I wanted to include Archer (never used it) and a 3rd Fast Track so I removed Owl and 1x Sandstone to get the 2 cards in. What to talk about, I had some funny and unbelievable matches and great opponents.


Game 4

Against @Axwill on 419. The game was going ok, I was able to start the Atlas Train get to 6 points with an open R&D. He was not able to get into HQ reliable (in terms of bancrupting me) and was starting his last turn on 3 points, while I was on 6 with an Atlas Token, so next round gg. There where ~ 25 cards: 2 GFI, 1 New Construction & 2 Hostile left. Click 1 Run R&D, stole GFI, can happen. 5 points, 3 more clicks. Click 2 Running again W2W trash it. I was so happy. Click 3 run on R&D stolen a Hostile. OK, he was on 6 points, I had a counter, 0 agendas in HQ all of them (3) in R&D out of 22 cards. 4 face downs in Archives. Click 4 R&D, I use my token to get the Hostile to get the chance down to roughly 1/10 and ... he steals a GFI for the win. We both could not believe this, but it sometimes happens.

Game 7

Against @Lovemen on Leela. I was able to get ICE on HQ rezzed so bounce was not so much an issue and when I Fast tracked for an Atlas he was coming in with The Turning Wheel missed it, but stole a New Construction. I was starting the Atlas Train, to 4 points and Biotict out a Hostile Takeover (not sure if that was clever). Then he put me into a lock stealing points while I was on 1 Atlas Counter, but almost no chance to fast advance anything, but with a GFI in hand. I was trying to get to 6 credits as I had 1x Biotic, 1x Audacity & 1x Dedication in hand, to use the counter for a Reconstruction. Then it happened I got to 8 credits had 2x Dedications, Biotic & Reconstruction in hand. Started my turn and he disconneted. I did my turn hoped he would come back in a second, called the judges to confirm what I did, but he came back then. That game was so close and I could not believe it, when I still was able to win that.

Other Games

Can't remember them anymore as they all feel the same... Playing Titan is kind of boring...


The deck was surprisingly resilient against Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchist & Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist I played 3 Leela & 1 Khumalo and even on a Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist that was teched against Titan with Turntable. And I lost twice to being unlucky.