Hippo Baby - 17th, 5-1 @ American Continentals

Radiant 283

An adjusted version of my store championship-winning Hippo Baby, it served me very well all day and I just barely missed the cut by strength of schedule. I cut the DNA Trackers to be able to threaten damage at even very low credit totals, and I think it was the right decision. I think I'd probably cut a Prana Condenser for a CSR Campaign in the future to speed up the setup.

Wins against Val, Hoshiko, Sunny (you can see the game here), Freedom, and MaxX, and 1 ID. Its only loss was to Geist who ripped 7 points off R&D in 7 turns, while I was stuck with 8 more points in HQ (you can see the game here). Sucks, but it happens.

I had a great time - thank you to NISEI for keeping this game alive!

P.S. Envelope is bad don't play it

3 Aug 2020 SMITTYL

This is the original Hippo Baby! Glad to see her grow and get all Hungry Hungry Hippo with the runners clicks! You’ll get them next time

4 Aug 2020 CowboyTintin

Congrats @Radianton your placing! 17th is pretty good out of, what was it, like 130. Very solid!

This deck looks pretty wicked. You basically shell-game and asset spam until you draw your ice? At first blush that looks like a pretty lean suite of ice for an RP...

4 Aug 2020 Radiant

@CowboyTintin thanks! That's not quite the gameplan actually, it's about taxing clicks through MCA and putting more threats on the board than the runner has the money, cards, and clicks to deal with. Spiky ice on centrals to deter hammering, and it's an effective increase on the trash cost of the first asset trashed each turn. You can find a more detailed writeup on my original published list here.