Happy Birthday Liza [Euregio Winner]

krystman 2805

This is an Apocalypse Liza build that carried me to the 1st place at the Euregio 8 tournament. I placed 3rd after Swiss and lost just 2 games with Liza on that day - one being an auto-loss against Argus. The other against Palana.

The deck is nothing unique. It's a slight mod of the Tagme Lisa deck from Worlds by tf34.


  • Added a Legwork

  • Replaced one Indexing by Apocalypse

  • Replaced the Hot Pursuits with Embezzle

I tried running Mad Dash instead of Employee Strike but switched back to ES because of MtI. I also tried Inside Job instead of Falsified Credentials but I often found getting into servers wasn't the real issue.

I like this deck a lot. You can run like crazy. Due to the robust breaker suite you can afford to face-check Jinteki ice - which can be financially devastating. You're so fast you can even sometimes win a meat damage match-up if you're lucky. Apocalypse helps if a glaciar corp or a asset spam corp somehow did manage to set up shop. But don't let the fear of losing the single copy keep you form face-checking things.

8 Oct 2018 Cluster Fox

Congrats, Krystian!

8 Oct 2018 Elodius

Nice ! gratz !

8 Oct 2018 theoneakaneo


8 Oct 2018 scd

Nice! Post the CD deck!

9 Oct 2018 krystman

@scdCD was Wet Toastie's deck

11 Oct 2018 tonybluehose

Was Embezzle the card that kept you from dying if you played against a Boom-based deck? Seems like you'd be floating a few hundred tags toward the end of a match. I figured you'd try to knock out the kill card (or psychographics) to stay ahead.

12 Oct 2018 Urziel

What about High-Profile Target, Psychographics, BOOM!, Closed Accounts?

A simple Resistor or Data Ward can be intimidating (you can use Femme Fatale to bypass, but bypassing Resistor is not ideal.

13 Oct 2018 5N00P1

When facing CtM this is my favorite answer, just fem it. usually you are faster in finding your fems then they in finding Resistors, assuming your keep the board under control. And it enables the easy Central accesses where the Agendas are piling up and enables you to try and keep them poor.
Closed Accounts is not an issue, usually you load your Bankroll so when the close your accounts you pop it and contiue the game.
Psycho Beal is the biggest risk es well as Exchange of Information for a 15 Minutes....
You don't have answers to kill you can just hope you are faster or you Embezzle it, but the issue is, they will draw & use it, when it's not on their starting hand....

14 Oct 2018 krystman

@tonybluehose Yeah, Embezzle is your best friend. Or simply win before they find their kill pieces. But honestly, just expect to lose your meat damage match-ups.

@Urziel HPT / Boom - ur ded. Maybe if you manage to trash them you die a bit later. Closed Accounts - Pfft. If you don't care about tags you don't need that much money in this match-up. Psycho - Usually sticks around on hand long enough to get Embezzled. Or you snatch all the Beales. Or you keep them poor so they can never afford it. Resistor - It's a trace 4. You'll be fine. Femme it if you really want to get through it. You have like 3 Femmes in the deck.

18 Oct 2018 EnderA

What are the relevant upsides to playing Indexing over Counter Surveillance?