Is this real? v2.0

Dydra 2774

So I made a few games with this version of the deck and the results were pretty solid. The version I had, played instead of a 2nd Gutenberg, a Universal Connectivity Fee + Reclamation Order. So here are my comments on the deck:

1) Bullfrog did absolutely nothing for me. My opponent had an Atman at 4 and honestly, at best I could send them to a naked remote Psychic Field, from which they can always jack-out.

2) Gutenberg is a really solid place for this deck. I got it in both of my decks early and that's why I decided to increase the count by 1.

3) Reclamation Order was really good for picking up back Cerebral Casts.

4) The deck has enough money. Even without playing Celebrity Gift, scoring and early Gila gave me enough money to have 2 Tollbooths and Susanoo up, among other upgrades and

5) Never really saw a good opportunity to play Bad Times, my opponent was running a 7-8 MU Chaos Theory rig, almost full at most of the times. However, even when I could play it, at best I would trash his SMC ( I think ). I still think it's a good fit, but didn't see it as game breaking as I thought it would be.

6) Cerebral Cast is god damn scary in the right deck. I can't explain how scary was for my opponent to take brain damage, knowing I play valley grid, just so he avoids losing his rig and all his money to Closed Accounts. At one of the games I managed to land 4 brain damage via Cerebrals. I reclamation ordered and after a run he was left with 0 credits. So I played 2 Cerebrals straight. Pretty brutal.

7) D4v1d was bad for this deck. I played against a shaper with Levy, Scavange and ofc Clone Chips. That's the only reason I feel that he managed to get away with some games. D4v1d goes through Tollbooth, SUsanoo and Gutenberg :(

All in all, this is a fun and strong deck. I feel it needs maybe 1-2 cards or 1-2 changes to be tier 1, but it will get there. Really happy with this Nisei Division build.

10 May 2015 Kroen

Allow me to be spkeptical. Even with an ID that generates money, 3 economy cards is way too low.

11 May 2015 Dydra

You are allowed to be whatever you like. :) I've tested it myself and I know for sure, that the deck works fine like that. Adding something like Celebrity Gift might speed up rezzing the fat ICE like Tollbooth and Susanoo, but apart from that... Still, this is the most solid Nisei build with the current card pull. Waiting for the next PSI - Code Gate, which might help the deck.

Just a quick note, Mamba was left out due to anti-synergy between mid-run damage and Valley Grid. Bullfrog as I said did nothing for me in my games.

13 May 2015 LeePo

-2 Bad Times, -1 Edge of World, +3 Medical Reseach Fundraiser, since you have Closed Accounts.

13 May 2015 Dydra

Reasonable suggestion @LeePo.

28 May 2015 Shaderone

Any reasoning behind the choice of Braintrust? I was thinking of either running Medical Breakthrough for the late-game easy score or NAPD Contract for the slight taxation. I'm really excited to play around with Clairvoyant Monitor and Lockdown when those drop, Nisei is an ID that I can't seem to walk away from!

29 May 2015 Dydra

@Shaderone the reason is for the 0 advance , so can bait snare/edge/psychic/caprice/valley :)

I already have a deck with Nisei and Clairvoyant Monitor, gonna drop it out after the pack comes out though. :)