Lockdown 0[credit]

Ice: Code Gate
Strength: 5
Influence: 1

[subroutine] The Runner cannot draw cards for the remainder of this turn.

"When your communications are disrupted, you are isolated from your resources. An attack will surely follow." -The Playbook
Illustrated by Andreas Zafiratos
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Chrome City (cc)

#56 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
Chrome City

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So you look at Lockdown and you say to yourself - "This would be great in my kill deck", which you would naturally think of given Jinteki is the go-to faction for mind games and constant stabs of net damage, but let's think of this card 'outside' of a kill deck, why would we need this?

One answer: Faust. Faust is the bane of many corp decks, especially with Runners teching high grip sizes to accommodate excessive use, and let's not forget any respectable Anarch typically auto-includes Mimic because Swordsman has been jammed into so many decks, as well as it being their killer of choice.

Faust does not like Lockdown; it takes 3 cards to break, if left unbroken it prevents the Runner drawing back up to continue fueling Faust, it is outside of Net-Ready Yog range, it costs 4 credits with Gordian Blade, 5 credits with ZU.13 Key Master, and the strength to Rez-cost ratio is very favourable.

Next time you're thinking of splashing those swordsmen, swap them out for Lockdown instead. It's the same influence, and preventing a Runner from drawing cards for the rest of their turn will hurt, even if they're not running Faust. Lockdown isn't a solution to killing Faust, but it sure does slow him down.

(The Universe of Tomorrow era)

This card. THIS! CARD!

It's another invisible ETR for Jinteki. Not only is it out of Yog.0 range, it is crucially out of YogReady Eyes range too. Given as how that's a big concern at the moment this can be vital.

What do I mean by Jinteki Invisible ETR? Well, it's a card that against Jinteki the effects of which make continuing the run inadvisable at best, or deadly at worst. The sort of card that, if it fires, would make the runner want to jack out in all but the most desperate of circumstances. It makes eating a Snare! is much harder to recover from, shuts off I've Had Worse draws, and makes taking any amount of net damage that much harder to recover from.

For a measly 1 inf it splashes in to HB Brain Damage decks really well, too.

(Chrome City era)
Good call! My HB deck was running into a problem where the runner could keep letting Janus 1.0 fire, but then just use Professional Contacts to draw back up again. Definitely splashing this for just 1 influence to make all my brain damage permanent. Only problem is making them run this and Janus 1.0 in the same turn. Maybe splash Whirlpool too? —
Just start scoring :) They will let you score Defective BC - good. They run? Even better. It's a win/win :) —
@Glitch29: Brain damage is permanent?? Sure they can click to draw cards that turn, but they have to discard back down to (max_hand_size - amount_of_brain_damage). —
Not sure if this is good in-faction theme because they can just run on the last click. Might be best paired with Bioroid ice and/or Scorched Earth for that reason. —
@nickv2002 what about Neural EMP or Ronin? Don't want to eat a last click Snare! either if they can just Ronin you next turn and/or trash your resources —

This card pairs really well with Komainu and Psychic Field. I had this in front of a Psychic Field in a never advance deck against a Faust - Quetzal: Free Spirit deck. The runner didn't want to sacrifice cards to Faust so early in the game on the first click run. Psychic Field triggered and the runner could only click for credits as he lost his hand (which included 2 I've Had Worse) and waited for the Neural EMP. It's also a code gate so it buffs with Encrypted Portals. This card is terrifying. You should try it out.

(Old Hollywood era)
That should leave the runner with 6 cards, since Psychic Field's net damage triggers I've had worse :) —
Not if the runner's hit Lockdown... —
You can play this in Jinteki Biotech even without any support cards. Turn 1, put an agenda behind Lockdown, and they have to consider the possibility of a Psychic Field / Brewery turn 2 kill. Zero to rez both Lockdown and Psychic Field, the combo is always active. —