Bioroid Kill Squad - 1st@ May GNK, Dragon's Lair, Austin, TX

WildM 287

Even though I've made several changes since last month, I'm still super proud of this deck.

Brain-Taping Warehouse makes runners get clever and run last click, then Snare! hits them. Follow up with Scorched Earth and shake their hand.

Oh, and Breaker Bay Grid + Adonis Campaign/Eve Campaign demands an answer. You'll make serious bank, especially behind 2 or more ice. Go ahead and protect them with Ash. It's not like you can't recur them with Reclamation Order!

Use Enhanced Login Protocol as soon as it's financially viable; it's totally worth more to take away the runner's clicks than it is to rez bioroid ice on the cheap. Plus, they might Account Siphon you and float tags!

4 Jun 2015 whuppo

Nice train of thought, young man.

22 Jun 2015 Bobbydigital

I am having a lot of fun with this deck. I switched the ELP's with Heinlein Grids (want to punish clicking through on my centrals), and switched a Viktor 1 for another Viktor 2 because of Yog+Net Ready Eyes rolling over 1.

It's been very successful, I just won a small tourney with it this past weekend and my corp deck was undefeated (all flatlines).

Just wanted to thank you for putting it together.

22 Jun 2015 WildM

Glad to hear it's working out well!

Heinlein grid sounds really nice to me; I'll have to give it a shot. I'm a bit worried about Whizzards getting in the way of it (or otherwise trashing my asset economy more freely), but forcing someone to take a brain damage or lose all their credits sounds good, too.

22 Jun 2015 Bobbydigital

Well, Whizzard still needs to be able to get in before he can trash things. Also once someone hits a snare they tend to be a bit more shy about checking remotes (assuming they havent cleared tags immediately/gotten scorched). Whizzard isn't a big problem in my meta yet, but I am not really worried about him either.