Gang Sign Leela the Turntable version inspired

cammy 7

This is my version of the deck as i don't have honor and profit, I'm looking forward to testing, although with sneak door in i think i might struggle for MU! Im normaly an anarch and sometime shaper player, not really criminal so dont know the card set well. Do they have an in house +mu card other than desperado

15 Jul 2015 FarCryFromHuman

For Criminal influence-free you are looking at Dyson Mem Chip, or any of the consoles except Forger: Desperado, Logos, Blackguard, Box-E, and Doppelgänger. The ones in bold are the three I recommend, but only Box-E gives you more memory than Turntable. so you are pretty much looking at the mem chips unless you want to free up two influence for a CyberSolutions Mem Chip.

That said, you are at 5 with Turntable out, and your full breaker suite + Sneakdoor Beta costs 5. It seems like you are fine?

15 Jul 2015 cammy

You know what it slipped my mind that turntable had mu as well