Low Cost Apex Proposition

marauding_antisec 54

Make Apex work by having a lot of things that are low-cost and fill out his weak spots: breaking ice that he can't and being able to make use of his ID.

The 2 Laws of Robotics, as Seen in the Datasphere by Apex.

  1. You cannot install non-virtual resources. This one looks bad, and is pretty thematic. It cuts Apex off from a lot of staples, like John Masanori, and cards that address his in-faction draw power like Street Peddler. I threw together this set of resources because I tried to skew them to the 0-cost side of things, which alleviates his in-faction lack of clever economy that I can't discover yet. Rolodex acts as a weird 2-click tutor through the top 5 cards, which is nice for a 0-cost resource. Always Be Running is a great solution to running once a turn and still making it through most servers.

  2. When you turn begins, you may install 1 card from your grip facedown. This is a powerful tool because it lets us select the most expensive, least playable card for the matchup and chucks it. Not playing literally any tier 1 NBN/Weyland? Throw the 2x Dorm Computer facedown, you don't need it this game. Otherwise, Dorm Computer helps sweat off those tagging ice and tagging upgrades that NBN are pulling out these days, and makes them install the few etr they packed. Caught running against EtF? throw Kraken and Medium, and just rush to destroy ice a few times in a row.

This deck's natural plan of attack is to aggressively draw, install all the 0-cost cards you get a hold of, throw Levy, all 3x Apocalypse, or Kraken into the facedowns, and keep the other 2 protected behind Heartbeat until the mid and late game. Just use the 0-cost events like Uninstall and Prey when you can, search the deck for an Apocalypse or two, and run for a while.

Any thoughts on the lower-cost deck designs for Apex are welcome.