It's a GameDay for Bagbiter, 2nd Place Polish Nationals

Marcheva 496

AWSOME DECK ! It is mostly list of b4ralai with slight changes to adjust it to me (not saying playstyle - after all it is a combo deck ;))

original list:

There is the explenation of combo pieces and how to play most of the time.

Changes i would like to make: after all Legwork is awsome card, but in desperate times of caprice and other psi crap i would consider Drive By

Fall Guy is ok card but only in one game corp tag me to trash Bagbiter on the other hand Traffic Jam saved me there ;)

I went with deck 7-1. Lost only first game with Francesco ;)

31 Aug 2015 pirez

I took it also for Nationals, went 3-3, 2 out of 3 loses was when I lost Bagbiter to Contract Killer (before I was able to land Fall Guy) and net damage. 3rd was with Caprice against me. Placed on R&D so unfortunately Drive By would not be a solution here...

1 Sep 2015 b4ralai

Really happy to meet you mate! As we talked a lot about, i like changes you made! Not really sure if drive by could really help trashing caprice, but is a test we must make! Thank you for crediting the deck, but the difference is the player! You are a great one!

1 Sep 2015 Dydra

I'd really like to see this one in play.

2 Sep 2015 ff0X

@Dydra: At least one game, the losers bracket finals was recorded by teamworkcast. So there will be a video available at a point.

5 Sep 2015 say200426

I played this deck for games, and I found that Kati is almost a dead card.

Sure, you can kati loads up, and play Bagbiter without risk. But I would rather just install Bagbiter with 3 or 4 and click Mopus 3 times.

why not one more Leprechaun? you need to play this before you land Hyperdriver. And if you have two, you can comfortably land mopus and 3 Hypers on it.

9 Sep 2015 b4ralai

Took second place at Italian Nationals with this list last saturday! You did really good fixes @Marcheva!!

You should edit the deck name with "2nd place Polish and Italian nationals" XD

10 Sep 2015 Putty

@ff0X We just commentated that game. I'd imagine it'll be up pretty soon. It was nuts.

12 Sep 2015 krystman

@say200426 Kati is basically another copy of Magnum Opus. It can be fetched with Hostage if you draw Hostage and Bagbiter.

7 Nov 2015 fredrikc

This deck is a true beast. Had a great time with it today at our small tourney where it went 3-1 and the loss was mostly NBN scoring fast and me not playing aggressive enough. My only modification was changing the Gordian Blade for a ZU.13 Key Master which made sense to me. I've not yet felt that I would rather have a Gordian.

10 Nov 2015 incredibul

How do you handle Komainu ?

2 Dec 2015 roadtoad

@incredibul Komainu presumably handled with Deus X.