Shoot the Jank

waferthinninja 18

This deck was made for a tournament where IDs were randomly assigned. There was also an understanding that the point of the tournament was to try to blaze a new trail rather than playing the established archetypes. Everyone was playing something weird and wonderful instead of facing their 5th Kate/RP/Noise/NEH match of the day.

The vague plan is to play down loads of expensive ice. Then install an agenda with Casting Call and if possible salt it with a Red Herrings. If they leave it be, score it out. Alternatively they might steal the agenda but spend all their creds paying off the herring tax and dropping the tags, and eat a Midseasons for their trouble.

Where an NBN deck would follow the Midseasons with a Psycho Beale and, you know, win the game, we have no such luxury here in jank town. Instead I use the tags to play Shoot the Moon and turn all those nasty bioroids online. Hopefully this will result in an impenetrable server in which to score out the game.

Bioroid Efficiency Research is either for early defence if all you draw is big ice, or for a chance at a half secure remote if you can't land the tags and can't afford to rez ice properly.

On the day it performed okay-ish (3-2 IIRC). One game was scored behind a pair of BER-rezzed big boys (Enforcer and Wotan I think), and I did get to Shoot the Moon a couple of times, so I was happy.

I lost one game by foolishly firing an early ABT and putting 6 points of agendas in archives with no Jackson out, and not even a Midseasons to punish the runner when he picked them up. And the other loss was a timed out game after my runner game ran long. Put like that it sounds like a viable deck, but you have to keep in mind the jank it was playing against!

It sometimes struggled for money, though I'm not sure what I could take out to fit more money in without completely changing the deck.