More Than Ever Hour After

A1win 63

A mashup of L4J and Wyldside/Chronotype draw engine with SMC and Legwork instead of Net-Ready Eyes, Personal Workshop, or Atman (Faust is viable with Wyldside).

  • Knight instead of D4v1d opens the door for Ice Carver (but mainly because I lack The Spaces Between).
  • Oh hello Ice Carver that somehow makes more sense with Career Fair than a Datasucker, considering memory is also a small issue.
  • Street Peddler helps you get to Wyldside/Chronotype faster!
  • Lucky Find instead of a second Kati Jones because there's influence to spare.
  • The single include of Legwork is amazing. Wouldn't drop it to free influence even for a Personal Workshop, except maybe if it's a Vamp.