L4J (Looking for job) - Madison, WI Regional 2nd place

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Stephen Wooley, he of Team Covenant and 'Anatomy of Anarchy' fame, has recently been collaborating with Team TDP on some deck builds. Stephen is a fantastic player, and is quite devoted to the Anarch faction. He is also a fantastic deck builder, and a great guy. A true gem in the ANR community.

We have been trying to get something to sing consistently, and Stephen came up with a build that he noted had been really doing well in his local meta lately. Already having won a Regional, I was open to play anything, and asked if I could run it. I really wanted something that hurt the top meta decks, primarily RP, and this deck seemed like it could really hurt RP.

Man, did I underestimate it.

The Whizz went 8-1 in a 71 person Regional in Madison, WI. I was shocked at the turnout, as the Wausau, WI Regional I won a few weeks prior, only 2.5 hours drive north of Madison, only drew 32 people. The Chicago crue came out in force, and maybe Madison's more central location and the date worked for more people.

In Swiss, Whizz faced 4 RP and 2 H-B, going 5-1. The only loss was v. ETF, that Biotic'd out an ABT early for a Tollbooth/Wall of Static/Wall of Static. :sadface:. I was still able to get to score 2 Vitruvius, but couldn't keep up with the Biotics and ICE. Otherwise, the Whizz destroyed the Asset-based econ of the rest of the decks, causing major issues. RP was able to drop Celebrity Gifts, but that just allowed them to rez a few ICE, which were promptly melted away with Parasites. The Whizz went 3-0 in Elims, winning 3 games in a row in the losers bracket to get to the Finals v. my sparring partner, Aaron Andries. I already won a Regional, was starving, and didn't think the Whizz would hold up v. his Blue Sun, so the Gentlemen's Final gave him the win, and us dinner and drinks.

The beauty of this deck is its simplicity. It really feels like what the core of Netrunner is. It's simple, strong econ and card draw, fueled by the Resources and Events. The Breakers are pretty core Anarch, and D4V1D caused major problems all day. The Clone Chips ensure that problem ICE dies quickly. Parasite is an MVP, killing anything from Pups to Heimdalls all day. The final addition was Net-Ready Eyes. I wanted a card from the new pack in the deck, and this is an obvious add. Wooley didn't want them in, so that's my major change from his deck: -1 Atman, -1 Career Fair, +2 NRE. I think they work so well with this Breaker suite that it's hard not to play, and being able to set up and play I've Had Worse for free off them is a fantastic bonus. Visage is another great card, and is used almost every turn after the Baby arrives.

The deck plays pretty straight forward. Keep drawing and setting up money. Don't reveal Breakers until you're ready to go in. Kill all Assets. Melt all ICE on R&D, and win with, as Mr. Wooley calls it, 'The Medium Race' (Hitler wouldn't approve). Whizz's ability really shines there, as he can melt garbage out of R&D, allowing follow-up Medium digs to go even farther. Numerous times I would drop a second Medium for the finish.

Even though the deck can support 6 MUs, there were times I would have to overwrite something. Would really love to get a Memstrips in here, to piss off @medioxcore, if anything.

This deck is a freakin' rock, and could even be used as a teaching deck, or win a Regional. Power Gamer truly shining.

31 May 2015 spags

Play of the day: loser bracket elims, v. Jens' Butchershop. I decided to start running through his Data Raven on R&D, and know he has kill cards. I have 2 IHW at this point, and felt somewhat safe. He drops the Traffic Accident, and hits ... both IHW. Owch. We all had a good laugh.

31 May 2015 spags

FWIW, I tested this deck zero games before playing it in the tourney.

31 May 2015 Neuro

I like it a lot. GZ!

31 May 2015 gumonshoe

I tested my deck in 1 game before the tourney, which I think just attests to netready eys + anarch suite. I'm calling it; Anarch is IT. Don't play anything else. Keep your Andy in your binder.

31 May 2015 Wookiee

Seems like it could use one more card....

I assume that Atman comes in at 4 in pretty much every scenario?

31 May 2015 strundle

Love it! I've got something very similar going out of Ed Kim, but w/ Desperado instead of Career Fair/Liberated (and I dropped the Atman). I think this econ package is stronger for glacier or any matchup where you're not spending half of your clicks running.

You mention the one moment in the Butchershop match, but how did this matchup feel overall? Part of the reason I'm giving E. Kim a go is that I'd rather dedicate slots to Scrubber than Plascrete -- do you feel Plascrete is necessary for a Butcher-heavy meta, or is IHW and your econ advantage enough to carry you through?

How often were you instaling Atman, and at what strength? I cut him once NRE hit the scene; I haven't missed him much yet, but I can see the argument for matches where D4v1D might be spread too thin.

31 May 2015 Brendan2026

Get your Lab Dogs ready boys

31 May 2015 gumonshoe

@Wookiee, no Atman comes in at 5/6 against RP. (Crick, Susano No Mikoto, and other things). Against space ice you'd want it at 5. In fact, because of net ready eyes you'd almost never want the thing at strength 4.

31 May 2015 Jashay

Oh, I like this a lot. Elegant.

I've been working on a similar deck, using Déjà Vu and Knight instead of Clone Chip and Atman. The econ in mine is such a pile of faff compared to this one; I'm using Career Fair to drop Hard at Work, if you can believe it! I think I'm just going to steal your econ package wholesale...

Something I've been finding really handy is Hemorrhage. It gets a lot of stick because the corp gets to choose which card they trash, but it works so well with Whizzard decks like this. Wherever you go to trash things, it builds up counters, and you can keep the pressure on HQ without going anywhere near it.

31 May 2015 Ajar

Super tight. Love it.

31 May 2015 divadus

Fantastic showing with a fantastic deck! I have been playing an extremely similar build out of the Whiz (which just makes my aforementioned compliment sound extremely self-serving, doesn't it?), the only notable exception being the replacement of Atman with Ice Carver and not running Symmetrical Visage (fantastic card though it is), instead spending the freed influence on an extra Career Fair and a Lucky Find. While Atman^4 (or 5) is indeed truly monstrous with the Anarch breaker suite, I just struggle with the idea of using it as a one-of, given the inconsistency of drawing into it.

While Ice Carver certainly has its own weaknesses (the main one being that it sometimes actively hinders D4v1d), it has added synergy with our beloved Parasites and doesn't cost a memory slot (which is pretty major, and would solve the dreaded Memstrips conundrum, much to @mediohxcore's delight). Consistently getting through a Carved Tollbooth with a Net-Ready Yog for a paltry 3 credits is just smexy. Furthermore, with the additional Career Fair, the Ice Carver is a free install more often than not, as opposed to the whopping seven for strength-4 Atman. That being said, Atman's flexibility is a huge point in its favour - setting it at 5 will also allow you to get through Tollbooths for 4 credits and you can Net-Ready boost it whenever you run RP's archives to deal with the dreaded Crick.

The only reason I begrudge you your stellar performance is because the cat's out of the bag now - Whizzard is indeed the unadulterated shiznit. Will be sure to test the Atman variant out myself (as will many others, undoutedly) to see how it compares.

Once again, props on the performance! (Also, entirely unrelated, props to Aaron for yet again repping the homegirl, Leela.)

31 May 2015 Captain

Congrats on the high placement with the Master Gamer and proving he has a place in the meta.

31 May 2015 x3r0h0ur

Haha I charged through his data raven too. I've had worse rules. Tag me vs butchershop is so punk rock.

I built a Kim deck almost exactly like this, I'm definitely taking this to the warren regional. Looks boss.

31 May 2015 Wookiee

@spags Duh. That just seems so crazy expensive. But worth it?

31 May 2015 Thike

Love the list. Keep looking for something to change, but I can't find one. I want to put Imps in there, but I tend to want to put that in all my decks, corp included.

31 May 2015 spags

@Thike Imp would be great for Operations. Hard to find room.

@Wookiee What's so expensive? Atman? Can pay dividends long term. It's the magic bullet.

@divadus Cat isn't out of the bag. Always was. It was just asleep.

@strundle Yeah, Butcher can be tough. Keep them poor. Can out money them and burn down their ICE. Try not to allow Astro.

31 May 2015 IctSpiceMerchant

I'm running something really similar, but I don't have Net Ready Eyes yet, so I'm running something more akin to the Wooley-variant. I do have Hacktivist Meeting included, as I think it's a nice counter to corp currents and I love the idea of their trashing a card before I trash their resource.

I too will steal this economy. I was rocking some day jobs and lucky finds - those are good cards, but they slow things up quite a bit.

Thanks for sharing!

31 May 2015 Thike

Something came to mind: have considered 2x Progenitor for the MU problem? Protects Medium and DS from purges, but doesn't troll Dan as hard...

31 May 2015 spags

Huh. Interesting, @Thike. Something to consider.

I like the econ package because it's a nice blend of drip and clickable econ. Very versatile.

31 May 2015 sruman

Curious why both Atman and NetReady eyes? My assumption was that one of the main reasons for Atman was Lotus Field (and beyond that money/sucker efficiency on 4+ strength ice). But with NRE is Atman worth the inf and memory?

31 May 2015 Qualistarian

Looking at this deck, you know what I think would be a fascinating add next month? Street Peddler. Being able to install something at instant-speed where the corp has no idea what it could be seems super strong here.

31 May 2015 spags

Love me some Peddler.

NRE and Atman make beautiful music together, covering 2 possible ICE, more with Suckers. Fills in a gap of a missing Breaker. NRE works with all your stuff. Its versatility should've be underestimated.

31 May 2015 ItJustGotRielle

@spags 42 cards of this list card-for-card is the Kim deck I've been projecting as my baby for months! It's awesome that several players from all over the U.S. who really love anarch are arriving at the same conclusion! After taking 18th at Louisville regionals I admitted, "This exact deck would have been undefeated if I had straight-up switched from Kim to Whizzard." Only difference in mine, 2 Scrubber and a Stimhack for Clone Chip tricks. I had MU issues too in a few long-running games where 2 Datasucker would be putting a lot of pressure on but my rig simply wouldn't allow it- I'm also testing Progenitor as a nice way of not getting locked out til I find NRE, and like the idea of having Progenitor around as Power Shutdown protection on my NRE. Grats on the good performance!

31 May 2015 sruman

I think shell is solid for Kim, Val (+3 blackmail, +2 scrubber or whatever), and Whizzard. I was also wondering if you considered pancake combo ( 2 adjusted, 3 wyldeside) over the 5 card resource draw package in this list. If so, what did you think were the pros and cons?

1 Jun 2015 spags

@ItJustGotRielleNice. It's a solid-ass shell.

@srumanI haven't considered it, but can see it. Seems a bit combo-y.

1 Jun 2015 pillowdemon

NRE doesn't say to choose an "installed" icebreaker, btw. It's totally possible to call out any breaker and clone chip for Mimic or SMC out for Lady for the retroactive +1str. Also helps if you don't want to modify Atman for a particular run.

Shaper main fo' lyfe - but I gotta say, great deck!

1 Jun 2015 rediknight

I love Netrunnerdb. Was thinking about RP today and what was the best deck to stop it. Finally decided that Whizzard probably has the best chance so I looked up Whizzard decklists and stumbled across this. Won my first 3 games with it but noticed some issues right away. I love how Career Fair combos with Daily Casts and Earthrise Hotel but it really boils down to 2 cards and 2 influence netting you 6 credits. I could easily get that with 1 Lucky Find.

The biggest problem is that there is not enough MU to get all the breakers out with D4v1d, Medium and Datasucker and still be able to Parasite ice. At one point I had to trash my Yog.0 to install Atman to get into archives to get more virus tokens. I also thought it needed a Stimhack or Vamp and I ended up sticking with Vamp.

This deck has very few weaknesses but I ran into one of its biggest. Ashigaru in Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers. My opponent had 2 of them stacked on HQ and my MU was all used up because I had a Parasite hosted on one of his R&D ice. He would just keep purging before the parasite would ever trash the hosted ice. It ended up having like 12-14 subs on both and I had to go through that to trash Crisium Grid because of an Off the Grid combo. Sucked bad. Somehow I still pulled out the win but I made some changes that I think will drastically improve the decks over all versatility and strength. -2 Career Fair, +1 Déjà Vu, +1 Hacktivist Meeting +1 Vamp. Also -1 Liberated Account, -1 Yog.0, -1 Datasucker. +1 Morning Star, +1 Leprechaun. Cerebral Imaging player will be highly frustrated when you get through their Ashigaru every time for 1 credit.

1 Jun 2015 rediknight

Forgot to mention I added +1 MemStrips. That simple addition will allow you to have multiple datasuckers and mediums installed alongside your whole rig.

1 Jun 2015 GentlemanGamer

I've been running pretty much this exact shell with Valencia, using blackmail, and Legwork/3xCF instead of the Atman. Inject and a deja vu to compensate for the 50 cards. I love it.

1 Jun 2015 Wookiee

Career Fair gives you a free Daily Casts, letting you come up from 0, or makes Liberated cost 3 to put down, making it much more usable. Your mods seem to take away a ton of the economic power of the deck. It also goes from 2 of each to 1 Code Gate breaker and 3 barrier breakers?

1 Jun 2015 CJFM

Well done @spags! Do you feel the Whizzard is finally T1? ;)

1 Jun 2015 Dydra

Looks solid, I wonder how you deal with the deep medium digs against Snare! Jinteki builds.

1 Jun 2015 Talism

Career fair and net ready eyes is what anarch has needed to boost a good stuffs deck, as a base shell for any generic runner, wizard, kim, quetzel, renia even. although wizard is solid with all the RP/NEH running around

1 Jun 2015 spags

@CJFM This Whiz is T1 in an RP/NEH/ETF dominant world, yes.

@rediknight You basically cannibalized the build. Honestly, doesn't sound great. You're building for CI?!? Burn down the Ashigarus! Good luck with that build.

1 Jun 2015 Dydra

Oh and yeah, Power Shutdown will r*pe the deck in this list. Hoping for no BlueSun in your meta, but if Net-Ready Eyes really becomes a thing , Power Shutdown-a-galore and the only thing you can recur it with is Déjà Vu?

1 Jun 2015 spags

That's what I love about this game. Meta keeps shifting, and cards flit in and out accordingly.

1 Jun 2015 Abstract

@spags I like this a lot. Have you had any problem finding your breakers? Any issues just not finding your #mimic? Or do you just face-check and parasite? Great deck, will definitely test this. I'd love to find room for a Hacktivist Meeting, kind of a double-punish for the corp with Whiz. Rez that asset, trash a card, then have it trashed for cheap/free.

2 Jun 2015 SneakdoorMelb

This thing is amazing. It's just good cards! Got to try this.

2 Jun 2015 spags

@Abstract Would love to get many things in there. Think Wooley wanted to stick to the good stuff, hence why he doesn't run NRE.

@SneakdoorMelb It can be tough to find breakers, but there's so much draw. If one is really worried, could always bin the Atman with a Chip. If I knew the matchup was slower, like RP, I tried not to faceplant much. Know your matchups. Use the draw. Build and prepare an R&D assault.

2 Jun 2015 rediknight

@spags I understand its better to build for the masses instead of the one time you face CI. But having a single Morning Star also helps against much more popular ice like Eli 1.0 and NEXT Silver. But even if you don't want to waste card space on Morning Star the other changes I made specifically help your MU which is definitely an issue. Also Hacktivist Meeting is strong against both RP and NEH which is what brought me here in the first place. To build a solid deck that techs against 2 of the strongest corps out there. I think making room for Vamp and Hacktivist Meeting is something anyone should consider in their Anarch decks. Vamp has ruined my day as a corp more times than I care to remember.

2 Jun 2015 rediknight

@Wookiee I don't see how the 6 credits from Career Fair take away from the economic power of the deck. I just have found with Career Fair and Modded sometimes I may not see them early and then I'm annoyed when I still have to install whatever I planned to get a discount from at full price. Also I think making room for Hacktivist Meeting and Vamp can be a huge factor in shutting down the corps economy or stopping Caprice Nisei which makes the deck more powerful. Making room for more MU increases the power of the deck when you can have your full rig up and be able to have 2 Datasuckers or 2 Mediums. Having your full rig out and enough MU for 2 Parasites is very nice. Déjà Vu is great in this deck because you can grab 2 Parasites from your heap once your Clone Chips run out. I think you can't go wrong with including it.

When trying to make room for MU, Hacktivist Meeting and Vamp the first cards I thought to cut were 1 Liberated Account and the 2 Career Fairs. I could cut 1 Kati Jones instead of the Liberated Account but I think Kati is arguably the best econ card in the deck and I wouldn't want to decrease the chance of getting her early. I do see your point about the 3 barriers and only 1 code gate. I was thinking about Power Shutdown on the Corroder but I guess if that happens I could always sack a Parasite or Datasucker instead and Déjà Vu them back. Point taken.

2 Jun 2015 Pushover

Hacktivist isn't as strong as you'd like out of Whizzard, since Whizzard naturally has an answer to asset based economy.

Career Fair is basically another Sure Gamble if you can use it. You spend a card to gain 3 credits + install a card, which is equal to Sure Gamble's 4 credits.

Vamp is nice, but I don't think I would cut anything already in the deck for it.

2 Jun 2015 spags

I'll paraphrase the Champ, Dan D'Argenio, here in that if you are worried about that 7th MU, you prob. already lost.

2 Jun 2015 ANRguybrush

Now this is pretty cool. In a meta that loves HB,RP,NEH and veggie Blue sun, this could do some work.

Clearly there is a reason why you chose clone chips over dèja vu. I guess clone chips are less of a tempo hit and you can install parasites before it your turn.

Still, there is an alternative build:

-3 clone chip -1 corroder -1 mimic -1 yog +2 smc +3 déja vu

2 Jun 2015 imrahil

Going to try this at the weekend but nre not legal yet in UK. So back to 2 atman 3 career fair.. would love to find space for a vamp and mem strips for long games. Maybe try wyldside/pancakes as well.. not much wriggle room in there though..

2 Jun 2015 imrahil

Going to try -1 kati -2 nre - 3 hotel -2 baby -3 ihw + 2 pancakes +3 wyldside +1 vamp +1 memstrips +1 career fair +1 atman +2 plascrete.... probably ruin it but suits me better... I enjoyed queens gambit out of anarch at nationals with our upgrade heavy meta..

2 Jun 2015 spags

@imrahil Good luck. Pancake combo can work, but it is a combo. Plus, CF loses some luster without as good a target as EH. Woolly tried SMC, and found it to be lacking. Chips are great for insta-Site and Atman on the fly. Huge mistake pulling them, IMHO. Deck wins the long game melting everything on R&D and Medium digging.

2 Jun 2015 imrahil

@spags Clone chip is the best anarch card in the game :p.. SMC is a luxury but i think anarch are better drawing like mad and finding other ways to fill the gap of the inevitable missing breaker - parasite/d4v1d/atman.... pancake combo has served me well in regionals and nationals - but i am much more comfortable with 3x pancakes instead of 2. but then i look at paige again and the deck falls down in a puff of wishful thinking of best case scenarios.

2 Jun 2015 stormzbowler

I guess I'm proud to be the one player to beat this deck even if it was pretty much all due to one of the best ABTs I've ever had :-). I'm looking forward to trying something similar to this out of Edward Kim possibly with 1 or 2 scrubber to bring in a bit of Whizzability to the deck.

3 Jun 2015 stoppableforce

@spags Played this thing last night almost as written. It's a goddamn monster. I say "almost as written" because I added +1 MemStrips, because if you're going to piss off Dan by installing a MemStrips, you may as well go up to 46 too. Only ran into one occasion where I could've used it (had Grimoire out, Mimic+Corroder+Medium+D4v1d+2 heavily loaded Datasuckers, wanted to Parasite something).

Two thoughts.

1) I kind of found myself wanting an Imp, Legwork, or Nerve Agent. Either would've added a little HQ pressure outside of being able to trash assets; if their assets are going in the bin from R&D or remotes, HQ becomes a safe place to hoard cards.

2) Aside from the MemStrips, @ekayohlee suggested Progenitor - Power Shutdown at 0 may creep its way into the meta to put a dent in Net Ready Eyes. I think it's got possibilities, but haven't actually tried it. Thoughts?

3 Jun 2015 spags

@stormzbowler Great games. Way to put a single black eye in the Whizz's day!

@stoppableforce Fantastic username. Always worth a Memstrips if you can piss off Dan. The Prog rock is always a possibility, and is really good. What do you cut? I never really missed the hand pressure. I hit R&D and the remotes so much that I kind of felt when HQ must have been getting fat, and pounced. Single access works wonders when they have 3+ Agendas in hand.

4 Jun 2015 rediknight

I'm coming to think that Career Fair is best used with Hayley/Comet or with Andromeda. Outside of that I think I would rather spend 2 influence to get 6 credits on a single Lucky Find or on 2 Easy Marks. Both don't require you to have any other card in hand to play them. The problem with Career Fair is if you have 0 credits and 5 cards that are not resources in hand and you draw it then it does nothing for you. Lets say you have an Earthrise Hotel and Daily Casts in hand and 3 credits left are you going to hold onto those and try to draw for a Career Fair or just install the Daily Casts? An easy way to make room for a Memstrips is -2 Career Fair and +1 Lucky Find. If you are on board with the World Champ that you shouldn't worry about having that 7th memory even though you have this many programs in your deck then you can make that change to get a Vamp in. I wish Career Fair was more like Modded and could install either Hardware or Resources and was 2 influence.

4 Jun 2015 siowy1

-1 Grimoire +1 Memstrips > We now have confidence to install multiple datasuckers. This allows us to clear our hand better, so that we can more easily setup net-ready eyes to discard IWH.

-2 Symmetrical Visage +2 Inject +1 Diesel +1 Career Fair > We had 3 earthrise 3 IWH which will lead to turns where we don't want to clickdraw(and thus will lose out on the visage cred). So instead of going halfway on visage, we double down on the event draw. Burst draw has good synergy with career fair, since career fair is a cheap way of dumping cards quickly while being efficient. Since we doubled down on event draw, it makes sense to add the third career fair.

-1 Atman -1 D4vid > We'll use the extra draw to draw into the extra MU so that we can sucker down cricks and tollbooths and other big ice.

Overall: Our version now has more burst draw, 1 more econ card and can go up to 9 MU, so it can install all datasuckers. We plan to sucker down the big ice more often, since we dropped one atman and one d4vid.

4 Jun 2015 lolpaca

I love this, but I want Imps so bad. Do you think it's worth going -1 Parasite -1 Datasucker for 2 of them? It's a testament to the tightness of this deck that it's almost impossible to find a space.

4 Jun 2015 TheBjorn

I dont fancy the Atman much here so went with: -1 career fair -1 Atman -1 baby + Ice carver +2 lucky find

Just played some six games but in most the corp simply give up on ice when the rig is down and assets are well....gone. Love the deck!

4 Jun 2015 krystman

Love it! Works great against RP. Works fine against Butcher Shop.

The big weakness here are traps. Especially Cerebral Overwriters. This deck has no way to play around them. I had the biggest problems against a loaded Blue Sun with low agenda density, SEA + Punitive and Overwriters. Could barely keep up on the money game. Couldn't run at all because I was investing so much in catching up. At least the D4v1d helps against Oversight AI. But what do you do if they install/advance/advance? No hand destruction. No economy pressure.

Will probably try to squeeze in one or two Infiltration or Wanton Destruction.

5 Jun 2015 spags

Don't run the remote, I guess?

FWIW, I think 2 D4V1D are key.

5 Jun 2015 kmatz84

I don't have much experience with Anarch, nor deck-building but why not just slot in a single Djinn? This deck has serious draw and if you happen to get it, you can tutor your viruses and free up some memory. I know you could Power Shutdown for two but just don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Maybe drop a Earthrise Hotel.

6 Jun 2015 imrahil

Played in a gnk today and went 5-0 (9-1 with corp games). But as chrome city was not legal it was with 2 atman (also memstrips, vamp, wyldside/pancakes, Queens gambit)... am now wondering if for tournament next week where nre is an option weather to but nre in or just stick with atman!

6 Jun 2015 Ber

@spags @ItJustGotRielle I'm curious why you both pick Whizzard as the better choice over Edward Kim? Is it a meta-call against RP?

7 Jun 2015 spags

And NEH. And HB. Gagarin. IG.

It's a great meta call, currently, as a lot of popular Corps are running more assets than operations, and basing their Econ on them, primarily. Whizz can stifle that, while keeping pressure on R&D via ICE melting and Medium.

7 Jun 2015 spags

Eric Caoili pulls down the first Whizz Regional win this year (ever?). TIIIIIIGHT.

7 Jun 2015 stoppableforce

I talked him into it after playing this deck. Barring any last minute changes (I didn't make it to Detroit, after all), it's this list +1 Progenitor - helps the memory issue and provides protection from Power Shutdown 0 (which I think will be a decent solution to NRE in a lot of decks).

8 Jun 2015 us0rman

Did you play against weyland/asset free Corps ? How did your deck feel in that situation?

8 Jun 2015 spags

@us0rman I did not. However, decks like Bootcamp still have things to trash: Howard, Crisium, ASH, Adonis, EBC, etc.

8 Jun 2015 RBN_GDFLLW

Logged in, saw that the DOTW was Whizzard. Instantly confused. Very pleasantly surprised. Definitely gonna try and run this this week.

9 Jun 2015 Wookiee

Were you ever running two Datasuckers of Mediums at once? I'm wondering about going down to one of each and replacing them with Djinn for a little bit of pseudo-memory and some low level tutoring.

9 Jun 2015 yog-sothothry

Any thought to fitting inject in? You already have the clone chips- did you find that wanted all of them for getting parasites, or would there be room for grabbing a breaker now and then? Of course, you already have a lot of draw, and a relatively high percentage of programs, so maybe it wouldn't work, but it looks worth testing.

9 Jun 2015 IctSpiceMerchant

@yog-sothothry I've played with the deck a bit and haven't felt the need for any additional card draw.

Also, I've come to love playing with 47 cards: -1 Datasucker, +2 Hacktivist Meeting and +1 MemStrips. The Hacktivist is a nice additional punishment for asset-based economies, those obnoxious upgrades and the occasional Corp Current.

The Mem Strips just help round out the MU issues I get myself into. I like being able to throw down both Mediums to close out the game, without having to trash any of my other breakers or programs. That said, they're an easy ditch if I ever grow uncomfortable with an "unoptimized" deck.

10 Jun 2015 DrMarodi

Great Deck! I have a similar one but with Mr. Kim (I like his ability better; and the one link!). Instead of Medium I use two R&D Interface (that means only 2 Clone chips and no Career Fair) but that solves the MU problem.

10 Jun 2015 lolpaca

I've been running this with -1 Kati, -1 Grimoire, -1 Baby and +2 Imp, +1 Memstrips. Probably a bit less consistent than the original, but I like the variety and I think it can pack a bit more punch when you draw the right stuff early.

11 Jun 2015 NerdimusPrime

I ran this yesterday at a casual game night and won against two regular tournament players, which is a first for me. I added +1 MemStrips and +1 Clot, and ran at 47 cards.

The Clot didn't affect any of my games (I'll probably pull it) but, like other commenters have said, the MemStrips were critical. I was able to install everything and still keep one Parasite in play at all times.

Great deck!

11 Jun 2015 thebriarfox

This thing is bananas. I saw the carnage it's capable of first hand at the Detroit Regional event. Madness, simply madness. There was blood and screaming, wailing and gnashing of teeth, ash smeared faces everywhere.

Sleeve this. Run This. Never look back.

11 Jun 2015 Wookiee

I'm now seriously considering taking this deck, putting Maxx in instead of Whizard, taking out the earthrises and replacing them with scrubbers. Baby becomes SoT. Atman becomes Levy. Deja Vu comes in to take it to 47? I guess it's pretty much Regass MaxX at that point with scrubbers.

And then it's whether you'd rather trash first and then get draw or draw first and then get trash.

24 Jun 2015 Exo

I tried it today and it was a lot more better than I expected. It's a fun and competitive deck to play :)

27 Jun 2015 fevve

I Tested it and seem very very strong, i have a question: which card do you want to have in opening hand? which cards i have to mulligan for?

15 Dec 2015 Pantacruel

Won my first game with this deck, and felt in control of the game for once. Awesome feeling. Some tips, do not face check, this deck is well balanced and if the corp starts blowing up your econ cards, it can really ruin your day. So never run on your last click.

7 Jan 2016 moeljartin

@spags post-MWL, are you keeping Clone Chip or Parasite? I can't figure out any way to keep both in any related anarch builds.