ZoeB 1

Next revision, taking some constructive criticism into account... I'm still new to all this!

3 Nov 2015 FarCryFromHuman

I'm not sure you want 3x Orion, as the second and third copies are typically dead draws and it's hard enough to get one rezzed. A single Archer might be nice as you can rez it off of an empty Firmware Updates. Private Security Force is alright but The Cleaners makes it a force to be reckoned with.

3 Nov 2015 Crashdown

Couple of probs:

  • Firmware Updates wont help you much here, because your only advancable ICE should be advanced before rezzing, meaning you have to score the agenda before the ICE gets rezzed and thats usually too late.
  • same goes for Builder because after the ICE are rezzed, you practicly have no use for more advancement tokens and the runner is going through without spending a credit. Simone Diego, Crisium Grid... basicly the same problem. Uh... and your Corp ID of course.
  • Satellite Grid is usually not worth the slot, even if you had more advanceable ICE.

So, add some Ice Wall, Fire Wall or any other ICE which gets stronger (=more taxing) by advancing it. This will also help you to score one or the other agenda; which is hard enough already with this mix.

p.s. Manhunt and Data Raven are usually not reliable enough to tag&bag. SEA Source is the better option.

5 Nov 2015 ZoeB

Ha, see, my original plan was to have Ice Wall and a few others that start off weak (so cheap to rez before the runner has much or even anything in the way of icebreakers) and can grow stronger. Then I was advised to go with space ice instead. I think I'll mix and match ideas from the old and new version of this deck, and try to find a good balance between everyone's advice. Thanks!