Mommy Has To Kick Some Ass

yashton 44

Basic Sunny deck. High link to ace the traces, good economy for big runs.

6 Nov 2015 Krams

Why Disrupter when you have 8 ? You cannot use it after the corp spend to boost the trace, you only reduce the base trace strength to 0. And base trace strength is not an issue for you. The highest in the game is 7 and you can get to 6 extremly fast, you only need to find 1 of 3 consoles and 1 of 3 Rabbit Holes.

Have you testplayed this deck? How does your eco feel? It may look much on first sight, but after my own experiences with Sunny, well... Your deck looks like you will have a very slow buildup and will have money problems for the first ~20 turns. After that you could theoretically cut through any server like butter, if the game wasn't already over. I do like the 3 Modded however! Fits perfectly into your deck and really helps you getting started.

I would get rid of Deus X, Disrupter and 1 of the Power Taps to free up influence for 2 of The Supplier to help you get your resources down. He can even be used for hardware if you already used Modded on your programs.

Multithreader vs. Datasucker as support for Sunny's breaker suite is personal preference I guess. After testing both I prefer Datasucker, but much like you, most people seem to opt for Multithreader.

6 Nov 2015 yashton

I misunderstood the disruptor usage. I was hoping the threat of cancelling the trace would prevent big trace spends. It definitely doesn't make as much sense to include. I am going to try testing this tonight, I've swapped out the Deus X and the Disrupters for two The Suppliers and a Mr. Li. Not sure how much I need card draw.

I was tempted to also include Datasuckers in addition to the Multithreaders. I was planning on the Multithreader being more useful as recurring credits. The Datasucker requires 3 virus counters (and the three successful runs to get them) to match a single use of the the Multithreader on any of the Sunny GS breakers. Datasucker would be helpful for off by one reductions (say a 5 strength). The Helpful AI would also be a good option to replace the Access to GlobalSec.

9 Nov 2015 yashton

I ended up swapping out the Deus X for The Helpful AI and the two Disrupter for two The Supplier. This works really well. See the updated deck for more notes on how it performs.