Working from Home (Kids are sick) 1.0

richardtempura 2

Sometimes, you gotta work from home. When the kids get sick, you don't have a choice. Get your stuff out, make sure you have your links up; no scorched earth on your neighbourhood are allowed.

17 Nov 2015 shanodin

Calling in Favors seems a little pointless since you'll only ever have at most 5 connections installed, and that's only if you get all three Underworld, Kati, and Jak. Might be worth considering something else for your influence.

17 Nov 2015 PeterCapObvious

Seems odd that you have all these cloud breakers and no Data Folding which synergises very well with Sunny. And as Shanodin stated having Calling in Favors is kind of a waste of influence where having something like Career Fair would make much more sense since you have a fair amount of resources costing more than 2 to install.

17 Nov 2015 Krams

When you install everything in your deck you end up with 12 . There is synergy and there is too much. This deck has too much. Usually 6 gets you into any server when popping a Security Chip on an all-cloud rig.
Another problem might be that you use 0 of your 9 . How about Data Folding or maybe some programs?
With these two problems unsolved there's no reason why you should ever actually install The Toolbox or Dyson Mem Chip, since you're fine without the and .

Overall I'd say you're deck is fine if the opponent's deck is based on nothing else but landing a Scorched kill and has no other winning option. But against any other deck you might have a hard time.

17 Nov 2015 PeterCapObvious

And having all this link strength with nothing to benefit with having it is also questionable. You will probably be better off running Security Nexus, it's in faction and would mean that with all that link strength you will be gaining won't be for nothing. Which would free up the 4 influence spent on x2 The Toolbox, which then could be used as a breaker tutor which (in my opinion) is something Sunny needs with her 50 card deck. So maybe even -2 The Toolbox and +2 Special Order?

17 Nov 2015 Lupus Yonderboi

Apart from the load of useless and as stated above, you will hardly ever play Mass Install, since you don't have many cheap programs and lack a good economy.

Also, you probably don't need Levy AR Lab Access.

If you fear Scorched Earth that much, just use Plascrete Carapace.

17 Nov 2015 richardtempura

Thanks for the input guys. It really started with a thematic deck, so many little flaws will be ironed out after a few plays. It's 3-0 as of now, and definitely see some of its shortcomings.